Bulgarians haven't made it to the world's history stage properly in about 800 years. We constantly get  mistaken for Russians, sometimes for Serbs, and, believe it or not, some drunks even think our language sounds French...

We have some key differences to these folks - we drink more than the Russians, dance better than the Serbs and are even better lovers than the French! If you have any doubts, join us on a night out or for a short drink. We guarantee you will have a good time laughing, drinking, wooing, and if you tell a fantastic joke, our Minister of Propaganda Boris Siromahov promises he'll buy you a round.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it sounds Bulgarian.

And if you are a Bulgarian and you haven't joined us yet, then do it now!. We are not from BSP!

So join us. We can teach you. It is all absolutely free of charge. You'll just have to learn a simple sequence of syllabels: