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Have you ever watched a movie where a 'hacker' sits at a computer with 6 monitors, 3 keyboards and no mice; in a dimly lit room; smashing at all their keyboards whilst in their black hoody who then 10 seconds later turns and faces the camera and whispers triumphantly “I’ve done it, I’ve hacked the FBI!!!”? Do you get excited at the thought of being able to do that yourself?

Well, that’s not exactly how it works. It starts off more like sitting in Q-Block and taking about 2 hours to crack a 4-letter password with a badly written C program. But we’re here to have a place that you can learn to do more, to find vulnerabilities in different operating systems, to break into virtual machines (our own computer systems that we run on a computer that imitates your favourite OS) or take part in CTF tournaments like the ones in the Cyber Security Challenge UK. We can’t promise you’ll be a pro l33t hacker but if you have an interest in any aspects of cyber security, we are the best place to start.

We will have evening sessions during the week that are open for members, these there will be a group of like-minded people who can discuss the latest attacks and publicly made vulnerabilities. We are looking to put together a team (or teams) for national CTF events so this will be a great place to practice.

Physical security can also be a very important part of a businesses security so there will be times we concentrate on different physical testing and social engineering situations that may help to gain you access to a places network. Eventually, we will be brining speakers in from different areas of cyber security to talk about what they do and how they do it, hopefully to give tips on the best way to get to where they are as well.

Skills like lockpicking and malware coding can be learnt in a safe environment as long as they are not replicated in the outside world as these can be used in real life Pen Testing jobs.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see what we can do.