Formula Student

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Assosate memberships are a limited role, they are restricted to advising the team. This membership is aimed at previous students that were involed in the team and want to pass on there knowlege to current members.

Standard Memberships are for current students, they are allowed to be involved in all aspects of the team. 


UWE Formula Student comprises of over 60 students from all disciplines within the University; from Motorsport, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering through to Law, Marketing, Business and IT. We compete anually in the worlds largest student competition, Formula Student UK at Silverstone Circuit. The Formula Student competition involves funding, designing, building and racing a single seater motorbike engined car. Last year in 2021 we finished 6th overall and 3rd in the seccond year car category with strong results in both Dynamic events and Static events! Previously in 2019 we placed 7 out of 81 international teams. (Top 5 in UK teams), and at FS Netherlands, we acheived 7th in our class! This year we're hoping to use this momentum to gain a top 3 place out of the UK teams and once again compete internationally.


Formula Student provides a great opportunity for students to put what they have learned in their degree into real world practice, due to the way formula student is judged not just on the design and engineering behind the car but in the business, marketing and costing side of the project as well. Becoming part of Formula Student also greatly improves all of the student’s CV or portfolio and is highly looked upon by most employers throughout many different industries.

UWE Formula Student differs from a majority of the Formula Student teams where succession planning is placed incredibly high on our team development plan. We accept first year degree and foundation members, with the vision to support and guide them through the process with a view for them to take on senior team leader positions as early on as their second year of study. This way of working teaches vital management skills to team leaders, as well as ensuring that all members are invested in and gain structured development throughout their time in the Team.

Join in on Twitter and Instagram with: #ShoeyForUWE

We meet every Wednesday at 2pm in 4Z014

If you're interested in becoming part of the team you can find us on social media or speak to our senior team members:

Team Managers: Rhys Gamlin & Alfie Armstrong 

Head of Design: Maciek Bugala

Tractive Systems: Harry Schlanker

Aerodynamics: Peter Robson

Ancillaries: Patrick Anderson

Business: Rommell R. Martin

PR: Kitty Keown

UWE Formula Student’s Aims

UWE Formula Student are not only designing and building a Class 1 Formula Student Car entry into Silverstone and international competitions. In addition to this our aims are:

  • Develop the undergraduate students of today into the world class engineers of tomorrow.

  • Provide the opportunity of a practical extension for courses across the University of West of England’s portfolio.

  • Provide a quality and tangible dissertation subject for the final year engineering students.

  • Widen participation in amateur Motorsport.

  • Promote inclusion and provide an opportunity for all students from any background.