This society is currently inactive - if you are interested in re-starting the Good Food Society please e-mail for more information.

Welcome to the Good Food Society, winner of the Best New Society 2014 award by the UWE Students Union!

Who are we?

We are all of those with a love of Good Food, whether it be making it, photographing it, writing or blogging about it, sharing it, learning tips and recipes of others, or simply just eating it!

You don’t have to be able to cook. We welcome anyone and pride ourselves on being inclusive, relaxed and fun - the society is a great way to make friends, meet people, and explore Bristol.

What is “Good Food”?

Good Food is simply….Good Food! It’s the food that lights up your senses. Perhaps it’s the food that reminds you of family and home, or the food you like to make for your friends, your signature dish, world cuisine, baked goodies, comfort food, seriously naughty food, healthy delicacies, or perhaps that crazy recipe you invented that actually tastes amazing!

What do we do as a society?

  • Regular visits to some of Bristol's most exciting Restaurants & Bars

  • On-Campus cookery demonstrations (Sushi, Pani Puri, Bubble Tea)

  • Themed nights where you can bring your home-made food to share with others...

  • food wins cash prizes. And everlasting glory!

  • Discounted food-related events around Bristol

  • Professional Cookery School events (Ice Cream Making, Bread Making etc)

  • Winter Break to Europe


Our membership is only £5! - get yours from the bar on the right of the page >


Restaurants we have visited:

- Spanish Tapas at Giraffe
- Authentic Indian cuisine at Thali
- Pasta and Wine tasting at Bordeaux Quay
- Decadent Burgers at The Hobgoblin
- Christmas Meal at Hole in the Wall
- British Colonial Cuisine at Chin! Chin!
- Persian cuisine at Kookootoo

Cooking workshops we have been to:

Bread Making and Spice and Curry workshops at Bordeaux Quay. Ice Cream Alchemy workshop with Harriet of Jolly Nice Ice Cream.

Giving back to the community!

As part of our commitment to giving back, we have organised food collections for Bristol Food Bank across all campuses, fundraised for charities and events and used initiatives to make events more accessible. This year we hope to continue the charitable causes and welcome anyone who wishes to get involved.

How do our Themed socials work?

Themed Socials are simple – A theme is set, for example, “World Food”. Members then make and bring their own "World Food" dishes to the social which is placed on a table and everyone is free to try everyone elses delicious food.

Dishes will also be judged by a panel. First, second and third place win prizes, including having their recipes entered into the Good Food Recipe Book, being on the judging panel for the next social, and also CASH PRIZES!

Also you don’t have to cook to come, it’s a mere £2 for members not bringing food and just wanting socialise (and of course that grants you the privilege to try everyone else's food). Generally there is more than enough food to fill everyone up.


Top Left: Mini Tortillas by Nina Gizzie, Top Right: Bread made at Bordeaux Quay Workshop, Bottom Left: Millionaire Shortbread by Natalie Poole, Bottom Right: Burgers at The Hobgoblin

Curry night at Thali:

Being presented the UWESU Best New Society 2014 Award:

Pasta and Wine Tasting at Bordeaux Quay:

Yours deliciously, Good Food.