Welcome to the Hiking Society!

Who are we?

We are a newly formed society that celebrates nature and the outdoors.

From complete beginners to seasoned hikers, all are invited to join our adventures throughout the year.

What do we get up to?

We organise large monthly trips away, as well as fortnightly local treks, with an international trip to wrap up the summer semester. Whilst local trips are free, larger scale expeditions may require small contributions to cover transport, equipment, etc.

Why should you join?

The Hiking Society is a great way to make friends of similar interest through hiking, rambling, mountaineering, and of course plenty of socials.There is a lot to learn from the Hiking Society, such as fire building, orienteering, camping, and many more!

Bi-weekly Local Trips

Monthly Trips

  • Royate Hill Nature Reserve
  • Troopers Hill
  • Conham River Park
  • Eastwood Farm Nature Reserve
  • Nightingale Valley Nature Reserve
  • Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve
  • Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve
  • Bennett's Patch and White's Paddock
  • Sailsbury Hill
  • Mendip Hills
  • The Cotswolds
  • Dartmoor / Devon
  • Peak District
  • Lake District
  • Wyre Valley
  • Snowdonia
  • Three Peaks Challenge

These are prospective trips, dates and locations are yet to be confirmed. Additional suggestions would be welcome!

Committee Members

President - Marella Cuevas

Vice President - Daniel Matzliach

Treasurer - Sam Marshall

Equipment and Safety Officer - Nathan Witsey

Participation and Equality Officer - Matthew Abbott

Event and Fundraising Officer - Migle Jucaityte

Media and Publicity Officer - Megan Cowling

First Aiders - Alex Northover, Laura Thomas


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!