Welcome to '2017/18 STUDENTS' UNION SOCIETY OF THE YEAR', UWE Islamic Society (ISoc), which serves as the focal point for Muslim students, staff and those interested in Islam. We are at the service of the UWE Muslim community, providing the means for the 5 daily prayers, Friday sermons, weekly study circles as well as other educational and social activities. Also, we are dedicated to increasing awareness of the Monotheistic Islamic faith.


The ISoc of UWE proactively seeks to enhance its members spiritually, mentally and academically, through events such as the Fresher’s dinner, Islamic awareness week, charity week, Eid celebrations as well as other social and cultural events.


We regularly work with the Islamic Society of the University of Bristol to put on events for the Bristol community. We seek to create an environment of unity between the Muslims and an ethos of discussion with the wider community of all backgrounds.


We shall, by the will of God, continually strive to be at the service of Islam and Muslims, addressing Islamic contemporary issues and celebrating the richness of the Islamic way of life with Muslims and non-Muslim colleagues alike.


2017/18 Committee: 

President - Naif Alghamdi

Vice President Sister - Misbah Riffat

Vice President Brother - Nafea Abdulla

General Secretary - Dur-e-Nayab Mallah

Head of Media - Muneeb Usman

Head of Finance - Mariam Qureshi

Head of Events - Jaman Mustafa

Legal Advisor - Sairah Imtiaz

Project Manager - Shahraiz Huda

Head of Socials Sisters - Thaeba Akhtar

Head of Socials Brothers - Mohammad Ansari

Head of Campaigns - Abdush Sikder

Head of Sports - Zaryab Mehmood


































Want to join in as co-committee members in one of the 'Head' roles? Get in touch!