Hello and welcome to Mooting at UWE Law Society.

A moot is a simulation of a court hearing; usually an appeal against a decision. It involves understanding a legal problem, analyzing it, researching the relevant law, preparing written submissions and finally presenting oral submissions in court.

At UWE Law Society, we have access to the state of the art courtrooms that UWE Bristol offers. They provide a definitive simulation of the experience of a real court. As a student of UWE Bristol, you have access to all the materials you may possibly need to prepare your legal arguments.

Mooting helps students understand the procedures and etiquettes of court, boosts confidence and develops the skill to think on one’s feet. It is an application of the skill and art of persuasion and advocacy that is the trademark of the legal profession.

Students are often intimidated to try out mooting for the first time. Hence, to help students build confidence, we have and will continue to provide workshops, organise showcase moots and practice moots for students to participate in.

Finally, I would like to specifically invite international students to get involved with mooting. As an international student myself. I have come across individuals reluctant to moot because of not having English as a first language. However, I assure you, mooting is for everyone!

Thank you and happy mooting!

Lutfullahil Majid Mahdi

Master of Moots

UWE Law Society