Marketing, Graphic Design, Finance, Public Relations, Social Media, Economics, Psychology, Law, Animation, Enterprise, Events, Film Making and Many More. 

Do any of these sound familiar or of interest to you? Well the Marketing Society is offering YOU the unique opportunity to practice marketing techniques in real life projects. We welcome everyone as it is a great opportunity to meet new people and network with employers from various sectors - so collect as many business cards as you please!

During the year, you will have the opportunity to undertake various roles in the number of projects we have lined up. You will be offered a role specific post on our projects where you can detail this in your CV and specify the tasks carried out. This will enable you to obtain the relevant skills and experience desired by employers and will assist you in standing out in an application process and interview. Great if you intend on applying for a placement!

Not only do we have these exciting opportunities available but we will also host a number of business and marketing specific talks, networking events and workshops - further enhancing your opportunities after graduation. Our aim is to get you inspired by hearing stories from marketing proffessionals and what the industry is really like!

HOWEVER - It's not all work! There is plenty of play too with society nights out planned where you can socialise with your fellow students and take a break from all your hard work! At least once a month we will hold a social for us all to have a breather and get to know each other better. Remember, Network Hard, Play Harder!

So what are you waiting for? Join the Marketing Society Now!