Whether it be making friends over coffee or a cricket match, Bollywood music, samosas, or exploring new languages and cultures - the Pakistani Network aims to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to socialise and support each other in a friendly environment.

We started 2014 with a blast! Our Launch Part was held at UWE's own Red Bar, hosting traditional Pakistani food, music quizzes, general knowledge quizzes and so much more! It was a fantastic night - with students from across UWE and the University of Bristol. We all made so many new friends who have become close members of the team. It was such a great start to the future of this community.

We are the proud network of the UWESU Award Best Welcome Event of 2014! 

Secondly, after so much hard work back stage, a music night was held at Wees Sheesha Lounge/Bar in the heart of Bristol's night life, Park Street. All the way from Pakistan's very own Coke Studio Lahore, Uzair Jaswal performed a magical show for an hour. With students from Bristol, Bath AND Cardiff, the night was a great sucess. Not only for amazing music and a great lounge vibe, but everybody met fellow PakSoc members from across the South West. It was such a good vibe and we are so proud of the team behind this. The committee faced a lot of struggles and stresses to bring this night together - but it was all worth it; a successful event with a lot learnt from. Making strong connections and friendships with the other universities has created a hopeful future full of exciting collaborations - including an end of year PakSoc Ball! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for more info.

We are organised a girl's only "Dholki Night". This is traditionally a night held for the bride's family before her wedding, called a "Mendhi Night". However, it is traditional for girls to host a similar party in aid of a celebration or a good time. So, as it is nearing the end of the academic year, we liked the girls from all cultures and backgrounds to come together and part in the true Pakistani way! With old-school chai, samosas and pakoras, dholki drums, bollywood songs and henna the night was a fantastic success! We attracted people from all courses and backgrounds, endulged in true Pakistani culture for the evening. It was colourful with smiles all around and will defenitely be a good hit next year too. Check out our Facebook Page for more photos! 

Don't worry lads - we're not fogetting you! Our brilliant boys on the team are organising a lad's only social near the same time. Please do suggest your ideas from anything like a macho go-karting race to a chilled dinner out. Please post your suggestions onto the Facebook Page and we will make sure your Fresher's week is epic!

As briefly mentioned before, our ties with other British Pakistani Networks has increased hugely and this is only the beginning! Bristol University are a close fellow PakSoc, follow them on Facebook as well to keep up to date with our regular collaboration dinners. Cardiff PakSoc will also be making an appearnace hopefully this year so we can build our network and you guys can have more fun at events!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Network, follow us on Facebook & Twitter and get talking to other fellow members. Also the UWESU post regular photos and videos on Flickr which you can check out here https://www.flickr.com/photos/uwesu/sets/72157644762751734/

We've only just started but have such a fantastic future in plan for you! If you are interested in joining the team, please let one of our committee members know - the more the merrier!

Phir milenge chalte chalte,
UWE Pakistani Network Committee x

(Humaira, Juwairiya, Azeem, Emman, Usmaan, Khuram, Uwais)