Welcome to the official page of the University of the West of England Punjabi Society.


We are a newly formed society who is here to encourage the rich and vibrant Punjabi cultural heritage and its broad history. Punjab is a state situated in the North of India where many battles were fought to shape the India we know to this day! It is the land of warriors, philosophers and musicians who have left indestructible cultural marks and have given the world a distinguished Punjabi language, culture, food, attire, dance, and folklore. In effect our Punjabi Society aims to unite students who have a common interest for the culture regardless if you come from a Punjabi background or not we are open to everyone!


For more updates and information about UWE Punjabi Society follow and add us on our Social Media sites:

Instagram: @uwepunjabisoc


Alternatively if you have any questions you can get in touch with our Committee team:

President- Sangeeta Kaur

Vice President- Priya Dhinsa

Treasurer - Ikra Mazhar

Media and Publicity Officer- Sajia Ahmed

Participation and Equality Officer/ Charity Representative- Benida Vas

Events and Safety Officer - Amrit Kaur

We hope to see you all soon!