What is Refugee Action?

In their words, “We work with refugees to build new lives. We are there throughout the difficult and complex asylum journey. By empowering people through information and advice we help them to make the right decisions about their future. And we won’t stop until there is an asylum system which treats everyone fairly, respects people’s human rights and leaves no one destitute.”

UWESU Refugee Action Society

In solidarity with the purpose of Refugee Action, our aim is to build a strong society that will seek to provide support to the great cause that Refugee Action serves. We believe that people escaping injustice, torture and persecution should be given a sanctuary that helps them re-build their lives. This requires not only systematic changes, but also essential change of perception in our minds.

Our main activities involve:

  • Campaign for a fair asylum system
  • Spread  information and encourage discussion to help students understand the concepts of asylum seekers and refugees
  • Fundraising for Refugee Action
  • Voluntary activities for various events

To get involved with this great cause through our events and activities join us by adding the free membership to your basket and checking out.


2016-17 Comittee Members:


Allana Tostes dos Santos - President 

Eleanor Rosier - Vice-President

Naomi Wicks - Treasurer 

Victoria Diakou - Media and Publicity Officer