Wargames, Roleplaying and TCGs

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So what is Role-play and Wargaming?

Roleplay, is assuming the role of a character in an ever changing and evolving story. You will decide what the character does, and how they set about the tale they are cast in. You will be with them, through their finest hours and worst struggles. The story is controlled by someone who assumes the role of the Dungeon Master. They tell the story and keep the game rolling, they assume the roles of everyone else from the friendly, tavern keeper, all the way up to the Tyrant lord of the Underworld!


Wargaming, you assume the role of a General and must use your tactical skill and knowledge to move your forces to victory. War-games are set in a wide range of settings, so, you might control your conquest of an alien world, slay the forces of undead with masterful knights, or even control powerful magic powered war machines.


So how do I take part?

These two types are run separately under a single society. So you can partake in one or both.

Roleplay is run as a ongoing campaign or as one shots which see a story start to finish in one evening. Initial campaigns will be advertised in a meeting at the beginning of term 1, though some campaigns may start later in the year, and hence will be advertised on the Facebook page. There will also be a one shot ran every week which will be open to all. These have no ongoing story, so feel free to drop by one week, then not come the next week. They are for fun, so just drop by as you want. These sessions allow you to try new game systems, and even practice being a Dungeon Master, or just drop by and give it a try for the first time. All are welcome.


The Wargaming side, meets once per week, for a night of Carnage. We supply the tables and terrain, you bring your forces, and wage war. It’s a single session of non-stop blood and fire. Your victories will be won but at what cost. Again these sessions are open to anyone, if you’ve never played a Wargame, just drop by and someone will be more than willing to let you give it a go.


So What kind of games are normally played?

Well in the role play sessions its common for :

Dungeons and Dragons

The classic role playing gaming, as a party of adventures you will forge an epic legacy in the boiling hot flames of a broken world. You are the heroes, the world calls on your brain, your charisma, your ability with your, sword, bow, and magic. You will overcome great challenges, and you will change the world…. Or die trying.



Welcome to alpha complex. You have been promoted to the role of trouble shooter. Your task, find trouble and shoot it. Trouble comes in many forms, mostly its mutants, members of secret societies and communists. You are a mutant and a member of a secret society, and so is your team. Your task is to find them out before they unveil the true on you.  As a trouble shooter your life expectancy has been recalculated as -9634% as you are likely to be shot, stabbed, catapulted, blended, boiled, melted and stapled. Just remember, happiness is mandatory.


Call of Cthulhu

Based off of the HP Lovecraft Mythos. A game in this world, will have you search the highest peaks, and stare down into the hearts of desperate men. It will take you, grind you up and drive you mad…. But if you survive you might forge an epic tale which will hold any groups attention for the rest of time, you might just stare into the abyss, into the empty eyes, and might survive.



Warhammer 40k

In the grim dark future of humanity. The fog of war has descended and laid there for a millennium. humanity, once lead by huge legendary figures, is clinging to its last years of light before they are extinguished altogether. And while alien empires bicker over the corpse. The eternal shadow sulks in for the final curtain call. But in this darkness a new hope has opened its eyes.

A brutal fast paced game, all about claiming objectives. And rapid redeployment.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar / Fantasy

The world is shattered into a million realms, the last survivors now sitting among their gods, trapped in a continuous war. Forces collide on narrow connecting webs among arcane relics of the past. Sigmar, the god of humans, has mobilized great magical statues to defend himself from the three wandering forces. Chaos, the gods of emotion and desire. Destruction, hordes of battle enraged berserkers. And Death. The unified legion of the walking deceased of the old world, now clawing into the heavens.

A cinematic game, where great heroes collide with huge monsters, magic, and swarms of lesser warriors.


Warmachine / Hordes

Two different games that use the same game mechanics, and can be played against each other.

War machine is about a game huge magic punk, mechanical machines, ripping each other to pieces amongst a war torn land. All vying for victory and control in a seemingly endless battle, where the only causality of note, is the War caster.

Hoards, while using the same rules as War machine couldn’t be more different. Trading away the magic punk setting for the violence of a world covered in huge monsters, each put under the control of a powerful Battle Wizard. The battles descending into ground shaking monsters trying to down the other.

If your game of choice isn't there, don't dismay, we will try anything, bring it down and people will play. And new games are found all through the year.


So Where do you meet?

The role-play meets where is ever convenient for the DM and players, the one shot room will be confirmed in September.

Contact our facebook page to see what games have available spaces in them

The Wargaming currently meets on Wednesday at 6:00 in 2Q50/51, but this will be subject to discussion at the beginning of term to find the best day for the majority. 


What else do you do?

We also arrange social nights and attend local role play and Wargaming events. Along with hosting some of our own. On top of that each year we attempt to attend the Roleplaying Nationals, a big event where universities meet to compete in a host of Roleplay and Wargames.


You seem to do a lot, how can I stay informed?

The best way to keep on top of it all is to sign up to the Facebook pages.

Roleplay and Wargames - https://www.facebook.com/groups/uweraw/

We use that page to keep in contact with everyone who is interested, they are also used to swap stories and post useful links.