Roller Coaster Society

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Welcome to the UWE Rollercoaster Society!

Hello, fellow adrenaline seekers! 

The RollerCoaster Society is one of UWE's newest, started by a group of friends who just want to visit theme parks, and we might as well take you with us! Read on to find out more about our society, and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or suggestions!


What are we?

The Rollercoaster society was formed to bring together theme park enthusiasts, utilizing the services UWE has to offer to run monthly trips to theme parks around the UK! It is also an opportunity for people to join together in games such as Planet Coaster, challenging and helping each other to build better parks! We want to create a chilled environment for people to chat about new rides and experiences together, so if that feels like you then please feel free to join our discord:


How much will it cost?

Our aim is to make this as cheap and accessible as possible. After you've paid the membership, trips will be paid for individually, so you'll only pay for the trips you go on. As for cost per trip, this will vary from trip to trip, but will mainly include park entry and transport contributions. To keep costs down, we will only charge for the bare minimum to go on the trip, things like food ect will not be included and you will have to sort that out yourselves.