Hi everyone! 


The Russian Speaking Society (RSS) welcomes students from all over the world who share a common knowledge of the Russian language. Whether you are looking to expand your circle or practice your knowledge of the Russian language, you are welcome to join us!


We currently have a group of students that are from Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and even Colombia, Sudan, Greece and Lebanon! So, everyone is welcome, regardless of where you are from.


Within our society we try to offer a wide variety of events. We organise social gatherings all over the City Centre and sometimes even on campus, we have movie nights, game nights, cultural evenings and in the second semester we are planning to organise trips that will take members outside of Bristol. 


Out committee members for 2018/19



Sofya Kipnis


Health & Safety

Iulia Tampiza


Vice President

Milena Gorashova


Equipment & Safety 

Maksat Abdualiyev



Arturs Sorokins


Social Media

Aruzhan Kerimbay



Jane Trukhanova




Here are some of our past events:

Our first social of the academic year at ZeroDegrees:

Fireoworks night (Guy Fawkes Night):

Ice rink for our Christmas social:

Nights out in SWX and O2: