UWE Space

Ever wondered what it would be like to launch a rocket into space?!

Ever wanted to know HOW to launch a rocket into space?!
Well now you can! :)

We are the Space Exploration Society at UWE, a student run society that has astronomical plans for the future!

Our aim this year is to focus on low and high powered rockets to build up our members skill base while working on our large hybrid rocket.

We will also be working on a new version of our rover to enter the UKURC in the coming summer.

The main competitions we are engaged in this year are the UKSEDS 2019 rocket competition and the LRC 2019 but we will also be working on some smaller ones as well.

For the hybrid rocket we have 3 subgroups to help us reach our goal:

  • Core development – design and build the rocket body
  • Systems  – in charge of the technology and systems that will yield sensor data and help us track the rocket
  • Propulsion  – help the rocket get off the ground and into space!

We will also be working on high altitude ballooning and will be performing some outreach in the community to encourage younger generations to be interested in space exploration.


Membership gets you:

  • affiliation with ukseds
  • software/hardware access
  • access to trips and workshops (required due to health and safety requirements)
  • supporting community
  • access to society resources that can be used for rocket building

If we can reach the Kármán line we will achieve the UK record, the European record and, hopefully with future projects, set a new World record!

We are always happy for new members; no matter what you study! So come along to one of our meetings to get involved.

Here is our events calendar (currently being updated)