What are we?

We are UWE Bar School and we aim to teach you all about premium alcohol, bar skills and mixology. Our sessions concentrate on everything from flair to cocktail making. If you take the opportunity to join Bar School you will taste a spectrum of different cocktails, everything from Sex on the Beach to an Espresso Martini. We will show you how to manipulate unusual ingredients, such as spices and eggs, to produce less conventional cocktails.

Why choose us?

Here at Bar School we don't take ourselves too seriously even though it has been known that attending Bar School improves your chances of getting employed at a bar. Our main aim is to have fun whether that's through socials, sessions or friendly competition. We will show you a variety of the best bars and clubs in Bristol with exclusive offers unique to our society. If you are looking to get the most out of your time at UWE and enjoy having a laugh then Bar School is the society for you!

Our Annual European Trip

Bar School hosts a trip to Europe every year with previous members having visited, Amsterdam, Krakow, Budapest and most recently, Prague. The picture above was taken by a member at the absinthe tasting session in Krakow 2014. The trip, although limited to a number of people, is available to all active members that attend the majority of our sessions. Our trip is a prime opportunity to vist places abroad and have a great time.