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About Us

The UWE Dodgeball Society (UWE Foxes) was started in 2015 and this year offers weekly two-hour sessions (Thursdays 17:30-19:30)* for its members. Suitable for all levels, whether you’re a novice or a dodgeball expert.

Our Aims

The aim for us as committee members is to ensure all our members can join in our weekly sessions and socials. As for us its not all about the competition but staying active and forming a great group of friends to go through uni with.

To check out some of the stuff weve done this year for yourself be sure to go to our instagram - @uwedodge

Out of Sessions

Last year, we organised many socials including pub/club outings, bowling and game nights (we'll see if you truly are a Mariokart pro or if you can just dance). We also took part in RAG week and had a successful open session of paint dodgeball held outside the SU which was messy/colourful and of course fun.

This year we plan on carrying on with our inclusive socials. If safe and allowed to do so we are looking at BBQs, laser tag, paintball, indoor trampolining and as expected more bars and more clubs!

The Competitive side

In previous years that the society has been active we competed against Bristol Uni in Varsity annihilating them both times; a trend that we are hopeful of resuming this year. We also compete in a league tournament seeing huge improvement from year to year. This year our aim is, again, to take the UWE Foxes to tournaments and improve on our last bout in the competition hopefully coming away with a medal or at least to beat as many other unis as possible.


The best way to get into contact with us is through our facebook group.

Alternatively, you can email -


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The Committee

Our 2020/2021 committee members:

President: Cameron Wilson

Vice-President: Tommy Morris

Treasurer: Chris Blair

Events and Fundraising: Tansy Heaton

Media, Publicity, and Participation Equality Officer: Elise Galline Breese

Health and Safety Officer: Fahmi Sack