Finding accommodation or housing in Bristol can be challenging, but luckily, there is a large number of resources you can use to make it easier for yourself!


If you are not able to secure accommodation through UWE Accommodation Services (+44117 3283 601 & then you should start looking at available properties as soon as possible!

Some good resources and websites to search for accommodation and for people to share houses or apartments with are below:

  1. University of Bristol Students’ Union Lettings
  2. UWE Find A Flatmate Facebook Group
  3. Rightmove Students
  4. SpareRoom
  5. AirBnB (especially for less than 12 months)
  6. Gumtree Bristol Student Accommodation
  7. UWE Bristol Exchange Student Society Facebook Group
  8. The Students’ Union Advice Centre
  9. UWE Finding Private Accommodation Information
  10. Try a search on Google! You can try phrases such as 'student housing UWE Bristol' or 'Bristol student accommodation'.

If you are not able to provide a UK based guarantor (very common for international students) then you might be asked to pay more rent up front or you could opt to use a scheme such as UK Guarantor or Housing Hand who will be the guarantor for you. For more information you can read the official Students' Union Rent Smart Guide.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT send any money (e.g. deposit or admin fee) via bank transfer or WesternUnion. It is much safer to pay via VISA/MasterCard or PayPal where you will have more protection if there is a problem. There have been cases where students have sent a deposit via bank transfer thinking that they were renting a room in Bristol, but it was a scam and they lost their money.

You can use Google Maps to measure the distance between the accommodation location and your UWE Campus. Postcodes in the UK are fairly accurate and will give you a good idea of the distance and what your transport options are (e.g. walk, cycle, drive or public transport if available).

Postcodes for UWE Campuses are:

Frenchay Campus: BS16 1QY

Glenside Campus: BS16 1XS

City Campus (Bower Ashton): BS3 2JT

City Campus (Arnolfini & Watershed): BS1 4QA

City Campus (Spike Island): BS1 6UX


For detailed information please see How to find UWE Bristol.



The Students’ Union Advice Centre can provide information, advice and guidance at any UWE students who is looking to rent accommodation in the private sector. We can read through your tenancy agreement (before you sing it), help you to understand the difference between agency fees, holding fees and deposits, and make you aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

If you need any advice or would like someone from the committee to give you their opinion if the advert you find looks good or bad, please feel free to post it in the UWE Bristol Exchange Student Society Facebook Group.