1. Google Maps! This will be a life saver for all those who are not familiar with Bristol City. The app also works for the whole of the UK and can show you directions to get to a location using: Public Transport (bus, train, tram), Walking, Cycling, Driving and even an estimate for a taxi service.

Google Maps:    Android        iOS


2. Download the First Bus m-Tickets App, you can buy single tickets, packets of tickets and bus passes (many options available) via this app and use it to board the bus. It's very useful and you won't need to make sure you always have cash on you! Simply open the app, load the ticket and show it to your driver when you board the bus.

First Bus m-Tickets:    Android        iOS


3. UWE Email! This will be one of the main points of contact between you, your teachers and university admin staff. It is important to check your email regularly to recieve updates including homework tasks for your next lessons. You will also find it easy to contact your teachers via email as they may not always be in their office. Why not make your life easy then and download the Outlook App? This way, you wil recieve and automatic notification on your phone when you recieve new mail! Log in using your username (e.g. j2-blogs) and password.

Outlook:     Android        iOS


4. The UWEmobile will make your time at UWE much easier. The UWEmobile App containts contact details for your teachers, maps of the campus, lets you book a computer and shows you where to find free ones as well as many more useful tools. It even lets you listen to our very own UWE Radio station - Hub Radio!

UWEmobile:   Android        iOS


5. BlackBoard is the Virtual Learn Environment used to enable students to access learning materials for all their modules, through this portal you can download lecture slides, find contact details for your teachers. BlackBoard is also where you will likelly be submitting many of your assignments through.

BB Learn:    Android        iOS


6. Open a UK bank account so that you can get a contactless VISA Debit Card to pay in shops and restaurants. Most UK banks offer Student Accounts with special benefits. Personal bank accounts in the UK are FREE, unless you require extra benefits such as insurance, break down cover, etc. NatWest has a branch on Frenchay Campus near the main InfoPoint. You can use any banks ATM Cash Machine to withdraw cash with no fees or charges, however, some small ATM cash machines will charge you to withdraw cash. These are usually found inside small shops and fuel stations, if there is a charge, it will say clearly how much the charge is on the screen.

Some UK Banks Offering Student Accounts:




Martin Lewis' MSE Student Bank Account Guide


7. Uber! Perfect for getting into Bristol for a night out in your best clothes, or getting home after the day busses have stopped running. Uber will get you where you want to go quickly, safely  in comfort with great service and most importantly, you pay by card, so you don't even need to have cash on you!

Get your first journey up to £10 FREE by adding Promo Code: stuartg2191ue once you have logged into the app.

Uber App:     Android            iOS           Windows Mobile