Welcome to UWE Bristol Bangladesh Society

The Bangladeshi Student Society is a versatile platform offering motivation and cultural support to Bangladeshi, sub-continental and all other UWE students in general. 

We are an interactive club where members can share ideas and grow together exploring UWE Student life experiences as well as living in Bristol.

Our Society aims to provide students with an enjoyable social experience alongside their academic life at the university and help them to achieve a balance between the two.

The society is also working together closely with the local Community Groups, e.g. 'Bristol Bangladesh Association ( Bristol, Bath & West)' to tackle challenges on local accommodation & jobs. 

Committee Members 2018/19

President Sanjin Hossain
Vice-president Ariful Islam
General secretary Mostafa Raihan 
Assistant general secretary *Vacant*
Student representative Fahim-AL-Mustafiz


                                             Bangladesh Society Meet & Greet 2018/19


                                             Bangladesh Society Meet & Greet 2017/18