Video Gaming

Welcome to the UWE Video Gaming Society!

It's in the name - here at the Video Gaming Society, we're all about gaming of all kinds - online and offline, casual or competitive, PC or console. It doesn't matter if you're an energy drink addict or not, there'll be members with the same interests as you to hang out and make friends with, whether over voice chat or in person.

Community Groups

  • Discord Server - If you're a regular member or are still deciding whether to join or not, you should join the VGS Discord server, make your introductions and find friends to play with / talk with! Feel free to shitpost as much as you'd like, too!
  • Facebook group - Our events and important info will be announced here, so make sure to join and stay updated!
  • Steam group
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


We have frequent socials of all kinds - there's something for everyone! These are usually put out on our Facebook Group and Discord Server a week beforehand.

Here's some of what you might expect to see:

  • Console Socials - Usually held in 3X109 on Mondays at 6:30, bring your Switches, Laptops and Consoles in your backpacks (if you want to) and gather round a table to hang out with other members for a few hours and play games in person!
  • Game Nights - No need to leave the house, this one's online! Join the discord chat and play all sorts of online games, changing it up every week and hopefully as accessible as possible, this one's great for discovering new games and having a great laugh with friends!
  • Drinking Socials - Hang out with your gaming friends in person! Grab a drink and have a great time!
  • LANs - 24 hours of gaming! This is a bi-monthly event where we take over the top floor of the Students Union for a weekend and plug our PCs and Consoles straight into that gigabit ethernet connection and play an assortment of games together, alongside things like films and whatever else our sleep-deprived minds come up with!
  • Film Nights - In person or online over Discord, we'll get together and watch a movie every once in a while. It could be a Pokémon movie, the Sonic movie, or even worse...

Coronavirus Notice: We will be following the Government and University advice on Coronavirus. This means you may see less in-person events this year (console and drinking socials), and more online events instead. We'll keep you updated on our Facebook Group.


Standard membership for undergraduates costs £5 a year, if you are a postgraduate student you can become a member with the associate membership (£6)!

Confused? Have any questions? Need a cool new best friend? Contact us at our email address:


President: Matthew Bowes (Xenntric#2106)

Vice President: Chris Edmunds (Mrice#4670)

Treasurer: Oliver Hewison (olihewi#8863)

Participation & Equality Officer: Leo Miller (Oh... you know.#5220)