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Winners Campus Fellowship (WCF) is the campus student arm of the youth Alive Fellowship, Winners Chapel International Bristol. WCF is established to enhance the value of every individual which paves way for excellence spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally. The programmes of the fellowship are directed towards meeting the spiritual needs of every students in line with developing their relationship with God.


  • Spirituality
  • Service
  • Integrity
  •  Faith
  • Prosperity
  • Leadership



  • To raise students of spiritual depth and insight (Spiritually Vibrant)
  • To school students into exploits (Full of Academic Excellence)
  • To raise students who are to be envied (Competent and committed Leaders)
  • To raise students of attractions (Business Conscious and Financially Empowered)
  • To raise students of honour (Socially Relevant and Economically Important)

There are weekly meetings set up to commune with God,  also to help, encourage, provide care and support to students spiritually and otherwise. The fellowship also organize special career and spiritual development programs where guest speakers are invited from the university community to talk to the students on a particular subject of interest.
WCF welcomes all student. Welcome to the Winning World of Liberation!!