Come and give yoga a try for the first time, or improve your current practice! A perfect break during your uni day, the yoga society classes will promote relaxation, flexibility, and overall health and well being.

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I’m Elita, and I’ll be your teacher for the year. I’ve recently qualified as a yoga instructor but have been practicing for years from my father who is a long time teacher. My main focus is helping people connect to their bodies and get whatever they want from the practise. Yoga is great for students not just to keep us active and fit, but for mental health too. Yoga helps to connect yourself to yourself, feel grounded and comfortable in your own skin and have fun in the process. Over the year we will be exploring different concepts and ideas throughout yoga, Having undergone my training in Zen yoga but also having a background in Iyengar yoga, kung fu and ballet I will be involving some yoga and zen history and philosophy into the classes too! I aim to get you guys to love the practice that keeps me going & has become my biggest passion and joy. As mentioned I’m trained in Zen style, which works with the body alongside the different seasons in the year to connect to what you need most at the time (I’ll explain this more in classes). As a teacher I’m still learning and growing - throughout the year I will continue to teach you all that I know as I learn it so that we can grow together as we explore this beautiful world of yoga.


The best place to keep updated on all the classes is on the UWE Yoga Society facebook page


Any questions please don’t be afraid to ask - I hope to see many of you soon!!


Elita Robertson

UWE Yoga Society