American Football


Who are we?

With a College Bowl XXI title, numerous divisional crowns and the only sports club at UWE to boast an undefeated streak in Varsity, the UWE Bullets are UWE's most successful sports team. Head Coach, Daniel Maher, heads into the season with the goal to win it all while also boasting a new second team to excel upcoming and talented new players. This brings the Bullets a great affiliation with the Filton Pride Academy, one of the most highly-rated youth American Football programmes in the UK.

Most of our players have never played American Football before joining the Bullets family, all levels of experience are welcome in the team. The experienced coaching staff will teach you the rules and techniques needed in the game. Our coaches can not do it all; you as a player should be willing to listen, learn and have the will to win.


Training - WE'RE BACK!!

Training takes place at Hillside Gardens Sports Ground just a short walk from Frenchy Campus.

The sessions are open to anyone wanting to join the team. You must purchase the Term 3 membership (free) and the UWE Sports Pass (insurance incase of injury). Once you have the memeberships, a signup section will appear at the top of this page. This is in accordance with the SU Covid Guidelines. You must signup to a session or you will not be allowed to participate, signups close 24 hours before the session. Signups go live on Sunday for the comming week.

Training times are as follows:

- Tuesday's from 8pm-10pm

- Wednesday's from 11pm-2pm

- Thursday's 6pm-8pm



Hillside Gardens is just a short 15-minute walk from UWE Frenchay Campus which makes it easily accessible.

The address is - UWE Hillside Gardens Sports Facility, Filton Rd, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS16 1QQ



Come along to our trial sessions and experience American Football. The dates are:




First Team Head Coach             Daniel Maher

Second Team Head Coach           Anthony Fursman    


President                           Niraj Patel

Vice-President                     James Muir

Treasurer                          Angus Anglin-Mays

Participation & Equality Officers     Alex Feetham & Matan Sayegh

Events & Fundraising Officer        Harry Bushall

Equipment & Safety Officers        Tareek Deacon & Casey Moore

Social Media Officer                Nathan Lester

Covid Officer                       George Boyes