Welcome to UWE Archery!

We are a new sports club that started in September 2015. We welcome members of all abilities, from beginners to those who shoot on a regular basis. Beginners will need a small introduction to the sport to ensure they can shoot safely. Off The Wall sessions will also be running during the beginning of each term if you would like to try it before buying the full membership. Once you have signed up, join us on Facebook where we can keep you up to date with socials, club happenings and so on; a link to our page is in the menu bar to the right.


Archery is a great sport for boosting your mental and physical health and fitness. If you're looking to improve your upper body strength, flexibility and dexterity as well as your focus, concentration and attention then this is the sport for you! Its also the prefect opportunity to connect with university students from a variety of different courses and campuses, making friends and having new experiences. Archery provides great satisfaction in combining both mental and physical attributes to good effect. Whatever the results at the target, every archer is able to draw satisfaction to a lesser or greater extent.


A little bit of history...

Britain has had a long history with archery - a bow dating from 2690 BC was found in Somerset. However, it was only after the Norman invasion in 1066 that the longbow was developed into a weapon of war, and archery became widely practiced. Kings went to great pains to ensure that enough men had the proper archery skills. At different times, football, bowls and, in Scotland, golf were officially banned because men everywhere were playing those sports rather than practicing archery in their spare time. The introduction of firearms from the 15th century rendered the bow and arrow obsolete in warfare but resulted in a national following for archery as a recreation. As early as the 16th century, societies dedicated to the bow and arrow sprang up to satisfy the demand for competition, a tradition we still maintain today.



Recreational Membership - For UWE Students only - £20.00.

Associate Membership  - For UWE Staff and Alumni - £20.00. 

By purchasing one of these memberships you are entitiled to attend all of our archery sessions until the end of the 2015-2016 academic year. You are also entitled to attend our events and socials but you will be given a ticket for this by the committee to allow you to attend. 

Upcoming Dates:

Weekly Training: 16.30 - 18.30 Tuesdays at the Centre for Sport.