Welcome to the University of the West of England Comets Cheerleading Squad!

As we are one of the largest clubs for the university, we consist of two diffrerent teams; our Competition squad represent the university at national competitions, competing against other universities and all-star teams, and our Performance squad, who support and attend the UWE Bullets American Football team as well as other UWE sports teams' games throughout the year! 

Last season, our competition squad found huge success... Our level 3 co-ed team and level 1 all-girl team both placed 1st at the Legacy Competition in Cardiff, while our level 1 also team placed 2nd at ICC Nationals in Nottingham. Meanwhile, our Performance squad had a fantastic year too, putting on amazing performances at Varsity and successfully perform routines while cheering on for the UWE Bullets!

We are also one of the most successful fundraising clubs at UWE, as we raise thousands of pounds every year! As an exciting, athletic and determined cheerleading squad, we welcome new members of any age, sex and ability into one of the largest and most successful universtiy squads. Even if you don't have any experience in cheerleading, our  coaches will be there to help you. Our routines consist of stunting, tumbling, dance, jumps, and pyramids. Whether you are highly experienced in these skills, or new to cheerleading, we would love for you to get involved, so please feel free to join our pages and get in touch to find out more information.



Training is coming into full swing now, so here's all you need to know in regards to training sessions for each team:

PERFORMANCE: Tuesday's 6pm - 8pm @ DINGS RFC

COMPETITION: Wednesday's 4pm - 6pm @ DINGS RFC

                           Sunday's 1:45pm - 4:45pm @ PREDATORS GYM, THE GREENWAY CENTRE

If there's anymore details you need, give us a message through our facebook page (UWE Comets Cheerleading) or our instagram (uwe.comets) and ask!






Age: 20

Course: Criminology                           

Stunt position: Back

I've been doing cheer for around 11 years! I love cheer because it gives you a sense of family and a team that you wouldn't find in many other places, plus being able to go out and perform with your best friends is an unreal feeling! Freshers should definitely join because cheer is so much fun, both in and outside of training, and you're able to meet such amazing people in the team as well as travel and have opportunities for new amazing things X


Age: 20

Course: Law (LLB)

Stunt position: Flyer

I have been on uni comets for 3 years now. Having no prior experience with cheer I have managed to learn and gain so much from my time on this amazing team. Not only is it a great opportunity to learn a new sport and develop new skills but you also get a chance to meet a crazy lovely bunch of gals that become you're instant family. 









Age: 22

Course: History

Stunt position: Base

I have been part of comets for 1 year, my first time doing cheerleading an I have loved every second of it. I've also grown loads in confidence because of it! Cheerleading is the best part of my uni experience, i've had the best time and met amazing people. I can't wait to carry on with it. Looking forward to meeting you all and adding more members to the comets family! I will be managing all of the funds and budgets for the year, making things as cheap as possible for you all! Xx




Age: 22

Course: Business management

Stunt position: Back

Hi, i'm Hev and im currently on my placement year! This will be my third year of doing cheer, and my favourite thing about cheer is the family that i've gained from it! I'm here to make the club more eco friendly, such as organising lift shares, making sure we're all using reusable water bottles etc :) 









Age: 20

Course: Marketing

Stunt position: Base

I have been doing cheer for about 6 years now, and have been a comet for 1 year! My favourite thing about cheer is stunting, I love the feeling of hitting a stunt knowing that all of your hard work has paid off! Going to competitions with some of your closest friends is my favourite part of the season, with a team you wouldn't find anywhere else! I would recommend all freshers to join cheer because doing a sport at uni is really important for your physical and mental health, plus you meet so many new amazing people, bringing so many opportunities. Looking forward to seeing what the new season brings X



Age: 22

Course: interior design

Stunt position: Back

I've been doing cheer ever since I was in middle school which was around year 6! We did more of a dance style cheer, and would even use props. From this I did pom cheer in high school (year 10).

I love cheer mainly because it's given me the chance to improve my skills from being a kid and never did I do gymnastics and proper stunts before in my old cheer! So UWE comets is definitely something to join if you want to learn and challenge yourself. Freshers should defo join if they want to meet new peopl. We all have very different personalities and abilities within cheer, not everyone's a "girly girl". It is a great way to socialise and get involved with the university as well as some alcohol involved socials as well as non alcoholic ones! 



Age: 20

Course: Business Management

Stunt position: Base

I'm in my second year of my course, and have been doing some sort of cheer, gymnastics or dance for over 15 years.

The reason I love cheer is because of the amazing friends you make. You are working together to make a routine look good and when you perfect it it's an amazing feeling. I also love pushing myself to hit new stunts so cheer is the perfect sport for me. I would recommend cheer to everyone as it's so accommodating to all skill levels plus you make life long friends and its great fun!