UWE climbing is a mixed club of easy going and friendly people, with the aim of going climbing and having as much fun as possible. With over 120 members last year there is always something going on around Bristol to get involved with.

The club is there for anyone who wants to join regardless of age or ability. If you have never climbed before or are looking to challenge your fear of heights then this is the place for you. We also gladly welcome experienced climbers to join and continue their training. 

Once you join you can climb with us as often as you want, so you can take on as much as suits you. There are various activities to take part in; bouldering, lead climbing, trad climbing and slacklining to name a few. So get involved in as many as you want and we will always look into something you suggest.



The club has a huge social scene and we meet up every Monday at the CFS on Frenchay for free climbing between 5pm and 7pm. Afterwards we all head to our pub sponsor in town to chill out with a few drinks and some food, this is also where we take bookings for upcoming trips and other activities we have planned. As well as our Monday meetups we also do a variety of drinking and non-drinking socials throughout the year, such as fancy dress bar crawls, BBQs, slacklining, etc.

Wednesday afternoons are one of our main training sessions, mainly at indoor climbing walls all around the Bristol area. Our main venue is the Bristol Climbing Centre; TCA The Church (https://www.theclimbingacademy.com/locations/the-church/). We are sponsored by this gym and so we £3 entry before 4pm on Wednesdays. We are usually turning up from around 2pm and climbing the day away.

On Thursdays we have another free climbing session at the CFS on Frenchay between 6pm and 8pm.

On Fridays the club usually heads to TCA (https://www.theclimbingacademy.com/locations/the-mothership/). We are sponsored by this gym too and so also get £3 entry before 4pm on Fridays. 

As well as the indoor training we have regular trips to apply all of your knowledge and training on outdoor rocks and crags all over the country. These include weekend trips to Portland, Dartmoor, Cornwall, Peak District, North Wales and many more. Also any time the weather is good enough, we try to make the most of it and get some outdoor day trips in. There are hundreds of crags in S. Wales and on the border that are appropriate for all skill levels and are all relatively near.