• No helmet, no ride, no exceptions.
  • Nobody gets dropped.
  • Obey the rules of the road; don’t give cyclists a bad name.
  • If riding in larger groups, don’t filter through traffic, people get stuck behind cars and fall behind.
  • Wait until ‘all up’ is called before crossing roundabouts and intersections if it’s not clear for the whole group to cross.
  • If the group splits on a climb, wait at the top until everyone is up.
  • As a minimum, please bring:
    1 Spare tube/Puncture repair kit
    Tire Levers
    Enough Clothes
    However, someone in the group must have a multi-tool and a pump.
  • Shout if you’re struggling with the pace or falling behind.
  • Learn the basic hand signals for riding in a group, if you don’t know them, we can teach you.
  • Arrive to the meeting point on time. We will wait 10 minutes past the departure time before leaving without you. Please let someone know if you’re going to be late.

A Good Guide To Riding Etiquette: