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UWE DANCE invites all students, no matter what age or ability, to join us! If you are looking to compete, or just join for fun, we have something for everyone! We are looking for individuals with a drive and passion for dance. Attending 3 competitions a year, holding an Annual Showcase, and competing in Varsity against the University of Bristol, we are a club who pride ourselves on creating a fun-filled year for ALL of our members! As for achievements as a club, we are currently undefeated champions, being voted UWE's 'BEST CLUB' for an astonishing 4 years in a row since 2018- to present day!- if that in itself isn't enough to convince you to join our club, read below to find out more!


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SQUAD & PTT CLASS Timetable 2021/22:



PTT (recreational): Hip-hop 7pm-8pm @ the SU activities studio

SQUAD: Hip-hop captain session 8pm-9pm @ the SU actvities studio

SQUAD: Hip-hop captain session 9pm-10pm @ the SU activities studio




SQUAD: Classics captain session 1:30pm-2:30pm @ the SU activities studio 

SQUAD: Classics captain session 2:30pm-3:30pm @ the SU activities studio

SQUAD: Classics captain session 3:30pm-4:30pm @ the SU activities studio

PTT (recreational): Classics (weekly rotation of styles) 4:30pm-5:30pm @ the SU activities studio


SQUAD: Troupe 1:30pm-3:30pm choreo session @ the Centre for Sport

SQUAD: Rewind 3:30pm-5:30pm choreo session @ the Centre for Sport



SQUAD: Ballet 6pm-7pm choreo session @ the SU activities studio

SQUAD: Jazz 7pm-8pm choreo session @ the SU activities studio

SQUAD: Contemporary 8pm-9pm choreo session @ the SU activities studio




No current events.



OUR competitiON TEAMS:


Rewind is our fabulous advanced hip-hop team who have just had one of their most successful seasons to date, placing 1st at Cardiff, 2nd at Southampton (also being awarded for best costume of the day) and 3rd at Royal Holloway. Every competition year is successful for Rewind, they even won in their category at our most recent Varsity against the University of Bristol! Rewind are a team known for delivering highly technical and energetic routines which are crammed with a variety of street dance styles; house, waacking, commercial, hip-hop and popping are to just name a few. If you are a skilled, passionate and driven street dancer, Rewind is the team for you.



Troupe is our fantastic novice hip-hop team, who continue to deliver both technical and highly energetic performances every time they perform. Troupe's mass success has shone through this year placing 1st at both Southampton and Royal Holloway, and 3rd at Cardiff. Previously they have even placed 1st at huge competitions like Loughborough in 2012, Bucks New University in 2014 and Nottingham’s ‘Go hard or go Home' in 2014. With this success comes hard work; if you wish to be part of a passionate and victorious team at UWE, this is the one for you.



Ballet is one of the 3 teams making up our Classics Squads here at UWE Dance. Competing in the intermediate category at competitions, they have had annual success at Cardiff, placing 1st in 2017, 2018, 2019 and in 2020! Other achievements include; 1st place at Southampton in 2019 and 2nd in 2020. Working closely with their fabulous choreographer, members continue to develop their balletic technique throughout the year; we pride ourselves on creating current routines which stand out from the rest. By merging a diverse range of individual skills together, our ballet team continue to deliver award-winning routines each time they perform.




Contemporary is another one of our fantastic Classical Squad teams here at UWE Dance. With their unique and dramatic style, they continue to entice the attention of audiences each time they perform, winning awards everywhere they go. Not only did they place 2nd at Cardiff and Southampton 2020, but they were also awarded the ‘Performance Award’ at Cardiff in 2017. Not to mention winning their Varsity Category in 2019! Our contemporary team pride themselves on fostering their members' individual style and using this to shine creatively. From lyrical to urban contemporary and flexible acrobatics, there is something for everyone!


Jazz is the final of our Classical Squad teams here at UWE Dance, of whom have just had their most successful season to date; achieving 1st place at Southampton in 2020, Surrey in 2019, and Southampton in 2019. As well as 3rd place at Royal Holloway in 2020 and being bumped up to the advanced category in Cardiff 2020. By working closely with their teacher, our Jazz team continue to develop their technique by not only focusing on the fundamental skills of jazz, but by incorporating an up-to-date style to create trendy and exciting performances which are highly energetic and technical. If you are looking to be part of a committed and skilful team at UWE, jazz is the one for you!

Check out our competition ROUTINES from previous seasons:




In March 2019, we held our first stand-alone dance Varsity here at UWE competing against University of Bristol, alongside our Cheer and Pole societies. Not only did this event completely sell out, with over 350 people coming to watch, we also had our own DJ, food and drink stall, 3 fantastic judges, a presenter, local radio coverage, foam fingers and a whole load of noise makers. If that in itself wasn't enough, it was topped off by us WINNING the hip-hop category, the contemporary category and in fact winning VARSITY OVERALL! This was one of the most fabulous events in our calendar. 


OPportunities at UWE Dance

music video shoot with GuRl Band - February 2019


This year we were given the opportunity to feature in a music video for the band Gurl, a breakthrough indie rock group. This was one of the most exciting things we achieved this year and we are so proud of each and every single one of our dancers who took part. Opportunities like this are springing up all of the time and we cannot wait to endeavour on many prosperous journies across future seasons.


Check out the music video here: 





frequently asked questions:


  1. Do I need to audition to be part of UWE Dance?


If you wish to be part of one of our competing squads, it is vital that you attend our friendly auditions in September (these only happen once a year). However, if this is not the case and you would only like to attend our just-for-fun PTT classes each week, it is not necessary for you to attend an audition. Although we do urge everyone to come to our auditions as it is a great way to get to know each other, they are extremely fun (and free), and you also have nothing to lose by coming!


  1. How much does it cost to be part of UWE Dance?


The cost to be a member of UWE Dance differs if you are in a competition squad or not. If you audition for a squad and are successful, you will need to purchase the ‘Dance Club Squad Membership’ (£130) - this price stays the same if you are on 1 competitive squad or all 5! This money pays for your competition entry, weekly training with an external choreographer, and you also get access to the weekly PTT classes alongside this. If you would only like to attend our just-for-fun PTT classes and not compete, you just need to purchase the ‘Dance Club PTT (Recreational) Membership’ (£65) to enjoy a whole years worth of dancing, in both classics and hip hop styles each week (plus invites to socials)!

Please note, there is also a mandatory £20 insurance fee to take part in any sports clubs at UWE. This money does not come to us, but you will only need to purchase this once even if you join more than one sports team.


  1. Where do I buy my membership to be part of UWE Dance?


In order to attend PTT classes, squad training, or both, you must purchase a membership after our taster sessions. This membership is available to buy from our SU website page (the one you are on now) and is located on the right under the section entitled ‘JOIN.’ Just add the membership to your basket and then click checkout at the top of the page.


  1. What classes are there and what times and days are they on?


Our full timetable is available at the top of this page, as well as on our Instagram and Facebook pages.







See you all soon.


The UWE Dance Team x