uwe GYMnastics

Welcome to UWE Gymnastics club!

Who are we?!

We're a fairly new club which only started in 2016, but we started strong! We train mostly in Artistic Gymnastics, but we welcome people of every discipline (We even have a handful of free-runners!).


We have a wide range of skills, from those who have just taken up Gymnastics for the first time this year to members who competed at BUCS this year achieving up to 1st place in their catagories! We have level 3 coaches, and Gymnastics newbies are encouraged to come and try it out! We will have you somersaulting in no time!!!

When do we train?

Our main training sessions are held at Bristol Hawks, the home of Olympic Gymnast Claudia Fragapane(photo above). Both sessions are ran by Level 3 coaches and allow full use of all Gym equipment. People often meet up at the Frenchay bus stops and catch the 48a bus together there. http://bristolhawksgymnastics.org/

  • Wednesday   14:00 - 15:30 

      48a bus from Frenchay bus stop C at 13:14 or 13:21 at Glenside stop Quarry Way.

  • Saturdays     17:45 - 19:15 

      48a bus from Frenchay bus stop C at 17:01 or 17:08 at Glenside stop Quarry Way.


You may be wondering what you get for your membership fees?

Price: £90 

Membership gives you access to both the Wednesday & Saturday sessions at Bristol Hawks, so 40 sessions with Level 3 coaches available for any help you need and full access to all equipment. 
You will also recieve a UWE Gymnastics T-shirt with every membership, as well as reduced rate access to City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre adult classes! There are also team leotards, hoodies, leggings and tracksuits available to purchase!
Support and guidance towards routines for competitions!


Your committee for 2019/20

  • President: Rees Miller 

  • Vice President: Adelaide Jones

  • Team Captain: Jasmine Churms

  • Treasurer: Holly Powell

  • Social Secretary: Nathan Connors

  • Equality and Participation: Bexie Ellul Vincenti

  • Equipment and Safety: Alan Garcia


It's not compulsory to compete with us however competitions are a great way to bond as a team and meet new people from other universities. Competitions are accessilbe for many different levels of gymnast, to complete beginners to gymnasts who used to compete at national levels. The UWE gymnastics team and our coaches will support you to compete to the best of your abilities.


We have competed at BUCS the last 3 years and we did fantastically achieving ranks of 13th and 17th place the first year, and one competitor getting ranked 8th the second year. The third year two of our gymnasts won our first lot of medals at BUCS, the highest medal won was a gold medal on vault! BUCS this academic year is held on the 1st & 2nd February.


Varsity is a huge competition between UWE & Uni of Bristol where we compete in all kind of sports!

Varsity usually runs in March. More details will be made available as we recieve them!

University Gymnastics Cup

This year we have affiliated ourselves with the new University Gymnastics Cup. The competition dates for this cup are as follows:

  • Loughborough 23/11/19
  • Birmingham 08/12/19
  • Portsmouth 16/02/20
  • Nottingham 07/03/20
  • UGC Finals 29/03/20


There are many competition opportunities throughout the year and we will keep you informed as they come up.


A mini-documentary made by one of our members Mei Davidson.


Have any questions or want to keep up to date with the club then follow us on the following social media: