Jiu Jitsu



You can sign up for your sessions on this page.
Beginners are all welcome!
You can join us anytime during the academic year, and your very first 2 sessions will be free, so you can get a taste of what Jiu Jitsu is like. If you want to have a taster session just get in touch with us! Our email is:
Please read below for Covid precaution requirements.

Jitsu Badge

Where & when are the Classes?

Tuesdays: 17:00-19:00;  in SU Studio at Frenchay Campus

Thursdays: 16:30-18:30; in Centre For Sports at Frenchay Campus

What do I wear? Any exercise clothing is fine, just no buckles, sharp zips, jewellery etc.

Covid precautions:

For every session: 

You must provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test taken within 12 hours, on the day of the training. These tests can be found in any pharmacy (or ordered online) and are free of charge. You can also pick up some self-test kits at Frenchay at the Information Point in D and Q blocks, and at the Library Help desk.

Before your first session:

Please fill this Licence Form: https://www.pdffiller.com/en/link_to_fill/194214185?skip_app=1  (This only needs to be done ONCE before your first session.)

Fill in the self risk-assessment form: https://pdf.ac/vdvyZ     (Club: UWE Jiu Jitsu)

Have had at least 2 vaccine dose – you will be asked to provide evidence of this.

Membership 2021/22

Club Membership is £30 (Essential)
Includes membership of UWE club, membership of The Jitsu Foundation and, insurance that allows training at any TJJF club or event nationally. You will need to have a membership (therefore insurance) to train.

BUCS Squad membership is £30
Only available for full-time students attending BUCS events. (Optional.)

Judo Gi is £25
Includes jacket, trousers, belt and, a badge. (Optional)

Extra Jitsu Badge is £3.50 (Optional.)

UWE Jitsu Challenge coin is £5 (Optional.)

Training Fees 2021/22 (Essential.)

£2/ Session (Less than a pint!).
Bulk buying options for 5 sessions £10; 10 sessions £20; or First Semester £50

Your Instructors:

Paddy Gouk

Your Committee:

President - Ali
Vice President - Inez
Treasurer - Ed
Participation and Equality Officer - Annabel
Safety and Equipment Officer - Inez 

Feel free to approach us at any time. There are no stupid questions, only unanswered ones.

Email: UWEJitsu@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6655701812/

Instagram: @uwejitsu


2021/22 EVENTS

Freshers Fair    For Sports Clubs: 6th October 2021, Students Union.
Training sessions begin    28/09/2021
Regional Courses Saturday, 13th November 2021, 1:30-5:30pm, Bath University.
National BUCS Atemi Competition 27th-28th November- Sheffield English Institute of Sport.
Pre-grading Pre-grading: Sunday, 5th December 2021, 12-3pm, Bath University.
Grading Grading: Saturday, 11th December 2021, 1:30-6:30pm, Bath University.
Spring Grading TBC
Randoori National Competition Saturday 30th April- Sunday 1st May 2022


Jiu Jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art taught in a modern context. The techniques focus on self-defence, not sport or sparring.

We are a mixed club, in fact, all genders take part on a completely equal basis, as technique matters more than strength. We welcome all levels of ability and experience. We have total beginners starting all through the year.

You don’t need a high standard of fitness, although you will find that fitness, strength, coordination, and social life will all improve through Jitsu training.

We don’t insist that you attend every class and it’s OK if you cannot train regularly.

About Jiu Jitsu:

Jiu Jitsu has a very wide syllabus; it’s not just punching and kicking in white pyjamas.

Jiu Jitsu is most commonly translated as the “gentle art”, indicating that the emphasis is not on strength. It re-directs the aggressor's force against the attacker using strikes, nerve points, joint locks, throws and, ground fighting to create an adaptable system for self-protection suitable for men and women. Due to this, size, strength and, gender are unimportant. Jiu Jitsu is an effective method of self defence against a single or multiple assailants, armed or un-armed.

Is it anything like Olympic Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)?

Yes and No. Our style has the same original roots as Judo and the more modern BJJ, but our training and techniques are focussed on self-defence rather than scoring points as a competitive sport.

What Makes Jiu Jitsu different from any other Martial Art?

Jitsu is a combat “team” sport because you can only improve by working together with the other club members, but it is an individual activity because your progress and development is individual to you.

Established in 1984 (at the then Bristol Poly) we are one of the oldest sports clubs at UWE and we are one of very few sports where men and women take part on a totally equal footing.

Training is carried out in a safe, friendly and, relaxed atmosphere. All techniques are learned with a partner, making it more realistic. Everyone progresses at their own pace; it’s all about the individual pushing themselves as much or as little as they want. Everyone you see at training started off by coming along to a free taster session and enjoyed it so much they forgot to leave. 



The club has been running for over 35 years not just because it’s a fun and exciting sport, but also because it’s about the social life, the new friends and having fun.

A good session should finish with you smiling and ready to go to the pub for a drink.

Since opening, the club has trained over a thousand UWE students in Jiu Jitsu. Some have simply enjoyed the training, and made some good friends. Others have kept training beyond University and now teach their own clubs in the UK and abroad.

The club has taken part in Jitsu events, not only across the UK from Edinburgh to Plymouth, but also International events in Europe, USA and South Africa.


Get A Life!

Yes, it’s not all about the training, jitsu is a very social club. Nights out, cinema trips, post Jitsu pub visits, comedy club visits, BBQs and, anything else people fancy arranging.

And it’s not just club events, there are regional and national Jitsu events that even brand new beginners can attend, and it’s not a Jitsu get together without a party afterwards.

How do I progress, are there belts and things?

Yes, we have a grading system with belts. When your instructor is satisfied you are ready, you will be entered into the next regional grading (every 3 months). Grading is done by the Governing body, you don’t have to grade but it’s a good measure of progress.

We are a member of The Jiu Jitsu Foundation with over 100 clubs nationally plus associations in:

USA, Canada, Argentina, Austria, S.Africa, New Zealand, and Australia


More Info / Any questions

Email: UWEJitsu@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/6655701812/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uwejitsu/

National Association website: www.Jitsufoundation.org

The Jiu Jitsu Foundation YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheJitsuFoundation

Since opening in 1984, the club has trained over a thousand UWE students in Jiu Jitsu. Some have simply enjoyed the training, and made some good friends. Others have kept training beyond University and now teach their own clubs.

The club has taken part in Jitsu events, not only across the UK from Edinburgh to Plymouth, but also International events in Europe, USA, and South Africa.