Who are UWE Motorsports?

UWE Motorsports Club is the home of all motorsport and automotive endeavours at the University of the West of England.

UWE Motorsports was founded with the mission 'To widen participation in karting, for students at the University of the West of England, at a grass roots level at the most affordable prices',

UWE Motorsports has continued to grow and develop into the club that exists today.

What does UWE Motorsports do?

British Universities Karting Championship - (BUKC)

The British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC) is a national karting competition which takes hundreds of students from institutions from all over the UK and puts them together racing in the most powerful arrive and drive karts in the world; with the aim of their university being crowned the BUKC Champion. Benefiting from live broadcasting, the BUKC attracts significant interest in the motorsport community and across the world.

UWE Motorsports 

With the 2020 calendar yet to be confirmed, the 2019 BUKC championship returned to some of the best and most favoured tracks in the country and also featured the inagural running of the Wigan Kart Circuit; further proving the constant evolution of the championship. The 2019 calendar included the following:

  • Round 1 - Buckmore Park - 13/02/19
  • Round 2 - Wigan (Three Sisters Circuit) - 05/03/19
  • Round 3 - Llandow - 16/03/19
  • Round 4 - Whilton Mill - 03/04/19

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The British Universities Karting Championship calendar also includes the running of the annual 24 hour team endurance race, held at the Teesside Autodrome. Based on the traditional le Mans endurance event and featuring the traditional running start, the BUKC 24 hour race is a highlight for all those who take part. With teams varying in size from 4 - 12 and as small as a team of 2.

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University of the West of England Karting Championsip - (UWEKC)

UWE Motorsports organises it's own karting championship, the UWEKC, designed exclusively for UWE Motorsport members to compete against one another in a friendly enviroment. The UWEKC is ideal for both people that are new to motorsports and for those with motorsports experience and it aimed at everybody of all talents and abilities.

With events taking place in close proximity to UWE, the UWEKC championship is the perfect grass roots, entry level into competitive motorsports.

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Events and Trips

When we're not racing, we aim to organise and host motorsport and automotive themed trips and motorsport viewing events, with previous highlights including a tour of the Jaguar factory at Castle Bromwich among others. 

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How to contact UWE Motorsports?

If you have any questions about UWE Motorsports or about joining UWE Motorsports, please contact us. Details on how to contact UWE Motorsports are available on the Contact Us page. You can follow UWE Motorsports on our social media channels. Details of our social media channels can be found on our social media page

Alternatively if you have question, we might have already answered it in our FAQ section. You can see our FAQ sections by clicking the link below.


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