Kickboxing & Muay Thai



BEST CLUB 2012-2013


UWE Kickboxing & Muay Thai is a combat sports club that offers a variety of activities and opportunities. We offer sessions that target general fitness, core strength and conditioning, and combat technique. At its core, we are a full contact sports club which encourages and helps build personal confidence and wellbeing. Our members range from absolute beginners up to those who compete at a semi-professional level.



What to expect?

Generally speaking our lessons consist of a mixture of running and circuit training to develop strength and stamina, dynamic and static stretching to improve flexibility needed for high kicks! Pad and bag work outs to experience the power of techniques and sparring to put all of this into practice!


What to wear/bring?

Some loose fitting clothes for the first couple of sessions and a decent bottle of water will do you fine! We have spare gloves and shin guards at the club to practise in however you may prefer to use your own pairs instead. 

When using gloves we suggest using wraps especially if you have previously injured your wrists/hands or are prone to such injuries since they are common in the sport, even in training!

If you want to bring your own equipment, typically we recommend 16oz gloves to train with which offers enough protection for padwork, bagwork and sparring. For females and males of lighter weight, we suggest 14oz as they are often a better fit. 

With shin guards, we suggest a pair that will adequately protect your shins and instep (foot) based on the level of conditioning you have as shins, knees and and elbows clashing will be common when checking kicks. 


What about sparring?

For sparring, you must use a gum shield along with aforementioned protective gear. 

Anything else?

PLEASE ensure that finger and toe nails are trimmed short and remove piercings.


How much?

Membership is £25 annually to cover cost of insurance and paperwork on the University side of things. We then offer 10 session bulk cards through our SU webpage for £20 (just £2 a session!) You will also need to purchase a mandatory Sports Fee along with membership. These along with any future club-related purchases can be found on this site. If you are a potential new member wishing to try things out before committing, you are welcome to come to any one of our sessions for free to test us out. Just message one of the committee or either of the UKAM social media platforms/groups.


What about Socials?

At UKAM we're not just about fighting. We will be running a social events which will give you lot the chance to apologise for kicking each other in the head, and to have a good laugh! A variety of themes and venues will keep you on your toes and introduce you to the best of Bristol nightlife, with the best of people! Follow our social medias below to keep up to date with planned socials and more:


Our Classes (Sessions may be subject to change - regular updates will be posted on our Facebook group)

Location and times to be announced


For Further Information

All enquiries can be made by joining our Facebook Group or speaking to a club committee member


Committee Members 2020/21

  • President: Henry Prutton
  • Vice President: Dan Thomas
  • Treasurer: Lucas Peries
  • Media and Social Sec: Abigail Shearan
  • Health, Safety and Equipment Officer: Luke Foster
  • Participation and Equality Officer: Karan Shah
  • Men's Captain: Dylan Wagstaff
  • Women's Captain: Lisa Baron