What is MASS?

MASS stands for the Muscle & Athletic Sports Society.


We are a society for health, fitness and weightlifting sports. Some sports by MASS include Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman and CrossFit.


Our community will help to support you with your goals, and give you the chance to try out new activities such as powerlifting, regardless of previous experience (even if you have none at all!).


Why join MASS?


  • Get motivated to achieve your fitness goals
  • Join a community of like-minded students
  • Find a gym buddy
  • Social nights
  • Get training and nutrition advice from experienced committee members
  • Exclusive fortnight sessions for Powerlifting at a location advertised on our Facebook group
  • Group trips to fitness events including BodyPower Expo
  • Guidance towards competing in the MASS Games and other competitions, such as Strength Wars against other MASS universities
  • Invites to educational lectures and seminars from top fitness athletes and fitness professionals
  • Starter packs to help you on your way with your goals which includes a sample workout plan and a diet plan 
  • A start into the fitness industry
  • Meeting up with comittee members to go over various exercises for muscle groups
  • Seminars with our committee members who have competed, a question and answer session

You can also purchase M.A.S.S. clothing through the MASS website by building your own with our UWE logo on them: https://www.muscleathleticsports.com/shop/

Find our page on Facebook, or contact any of our admins for more information!




President: Shamil Mohamed Ali (Shamil2.mohamedali@live.uwe.ac.uk)

Vice President: Charles Tran

Secretary: Ben Sra

Treasurer: Leslie Scott

Powerlifting Captain: Joshua Serpis

Media Officer: Joshua Serpis

Social Secretary: Colin Chua

For further details about membership or about the sports club contact: m.a.s.suwe@outlook.com