Who are UWE Motorsports?

UWE Motorsports Club is the home of all motorsport and automotive endeavours at the University of the West of England.

UWE Motorsports was founded with the mission 'To widen participation in karting, for students at the University of the West of England, at a grass roots level at the most affordable prices',

UWE Motorsports has continued to grow and develop into the club that exists today.


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What does UWE Motorsports do?

Events and Trips

When we're not racing, we aim to organise and host motorsport and automotive themed trips and motorsport viewing events, with previous highlights including:

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • F1 Silverstone Grand Prix
  • WTF1 Events
  • Varsity events vs University of Bristol
  • Mini Moo racing
  • Endurance Karting Events
  • A tour of the Jaguar factory at Castle Bromwich
  • And much more!

We also organise events based on demand from members, so if there is an event you would be keen to attend we can plan that!


British Universities Karting Championship - (BUKC)

The British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC) is a national karting competition which takes hundreds of students from institutions from all over the UK and puts them together racing in the most powerful arrive and drive karts in the world; with the aim of their university being crowned the BUKC Champion. Benefiting from live broadcasting, the BUKC attracts significant interest in the motorsport community and across the world.

With the 2021/2022 confirmed, the BUKC championship will return to some of the best and most favoured tracks in the country. Take a look at the calender for this year:

Test days - the perfect chance to try out BUKC as well as to earn your karting license to race in the Team Champtionship

  • 19th October - Whilton Mill
  • 20th October - Whilton Mill
  • 5th November - Bayford Meadows
  • 30th January - Buckmore Park

Team Champtionship

  • Qualifiers - 20th & 21st November - Whilton Mill
  • Round 1 - 8th/9th February - Buckmore Park
  • Round 2 - 16th/17th February - PFI
  • Round 3 - 10th/11th March - Shenington
  • Round 4 - 1st/2nd April - Llandow 

The BUKC also runs a Rookie Champtionship, for drivers who are yet to be granted their karting license.

For more information about the BUKC please follow the links below

The British Universities Karting Championship calendar also includes the running of the annual 24 hour team endurance race, held at the Teesside Autodrome. Based on the traditional Le Mans endurance event and featuring the traditional running start, the BUKC 24 hour race is a highlight for all those who take part. With teams varying in size from 4 - 12 and as small as a team of 2.

For more information on the BUKC 24 hour race please follow the link below


University of the West of England Karting Championsip - (UWEKC)

UWE Motorsports organises it's own championship, the UWEKC, designed exclusively for UWE Motorsport members to compete against one another in a friendly enviroment. The UWEKC is ideal for both people that are new to motorsports and for those with motorsports experience and it aimed at everybody of all talents and abilities. 2021 wil be the first year we are expanding to more than just karting, with Mini Moto, buggy racing and outdoor and indoor karting to compete against eachother.

With events taking place in close proximity to UWE, the UWEKC championship is the perfect grass roots, entry level into competitive motorsports.

For more information on our previous championship, UWEKC, please follow the link below


Fees & Membership

To become a UWE Motorsports Club member you will need to purchas a membership, which will give you access to attend all our events.

  • Membership only needs to be purchased once and lasts for the entire academic year (September 2020 - August 2021).
  • You only pay for the events you attend, so you can pick whether to attend and event or not throughout the year.
  • Your membership fees also go towards subsidising some events, meaning events are more affordable and better value for money. 
  • Membership fees help to subsidise your travel to and from events, helping to lower any additional costs on top of the event fee.
  • You will NOT be required to purchase karting/racing kit as this is provided by the tracks we visit for both UWEKC and BUKC - please do get in touch with us regarding any questions about kit, especially for BUKC as kit can sometimes be limited.


Contact us

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Alternatively if you have question, we might have already answered it in our FAQ section. You can see our FAQ sections by clicking the link below.