British Universities Karting Championship:

We welcome you to the most intense, adrenaline-fuelled and exciting student championship in the world. Where hundreds of students from all over the UK race wheel-to-wheel in high-performance 125cc 2-stroke Club100 / BUKC karts, capable of accelerating from 5 - 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and with a top speed exceeding 70 mph. The karts used in the BUKC are the finest fleet of “arrive-and-drive” karts in the world and are nothing like the normal indoor or outdoor karts that many are used to.

If you have competed in motorsport in the past, or you would like to take your motorsport experience to the next level; the British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC) is by far the best next step for you.

You will be in a team of 4, representing UWE against the other 61 universities that take part. Due to the competitive nature of the championship, the BUKC attracts some of the very best drivers, not only in the country, but from across the world including: Formula 2, Le Mans, Formula Renault, British GT, BTCC and British and World Karting Champions. 

There will soon be test days coming up and we strongly advise everyone that wants to be apart of the BUKC, wants to experience high level outdoor karting, or wants to experience a step up from indoor karting, to take part in these. You won't regret it! BUKC test days are traditionally located at Buckmore Park and Whilton Mill.

The Championships:

The British Universities Karting Championship runs 3 seperate championships over the course of a racing weekend, with teams seperated by there results at the qualification round. All championships attend 4 different racing weekends over the course of the season, in addition to the qualificaiton round and the practise days; each championship has a slightly different racing forma. The championships include the following:

- BUKC Mains Championships (further split into Premier and Clubman classes)

- BUKC Intermediates Championship

- BUKC Rookies Series

For more information on the BUKC please visit the BUKC Sprint Championship page

The Karts:

The Club100 / BUKC karts are popular among drivers for their uniform maintance and performance, resulting in fair and even racing. Completely different to any indoor kart, the Club100 / BUKC karts are 2-stroke and have a top speed exceeding, 70 mph.

The kart specification is as follows:

  • Chassis - Birel N35X 
  • Engine - Rotax Jnr Max 125cc 2 Stroke
  • Carburettor - Dellorto F24mm Fixed Jet
  • Transmission - Clutch, Chain Driven
  • Brake System - Kelgate 'K'
  • Tyres - Bridgestone YDS Tyres

Want to find out more about the BUKC Karts? Take a look at BUKC Album

The Tracks:

The British Univeristies Karting Championship visits the very best tracks that the United Kingdom has to offer, taking advantage of the world class facilities that British Motorsport offers. In recent years the BUKC has visited tracks including: Buckmore Park, Bayford Meadows, Clay Pigeon, Glan-y-Gors and Whilton Mill, to name a few.

The British Universities Karting Championship 24 Hour Endurance Race:

Every June, UWE Motorsports makes it's annual pilgramage to the Teessdie Autodrome for the British Universities Karting Championship 24 Hour Endurance Race; with teams racing twin-engine prokarts for 24 hours straight. With teams ranging from 2-12 drivers, the BUKC 24 Hour race one of the highlights of the year and is favourite of the drivers. With driving, strategy, pit-stops and fatigue to manage, this is a true test of a teams ability to work together and achieve the best result they can. For more information on the BUKC 24 Hour race, visit our BUKC 24 Hour page.


For more information visit the BUKC website -