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A team above all. Above all a team.

Whether you want to play Netball competitively, or just for fun, UWE Netball is a great club for you to join. 

We are the largest female sports club here at UWE, with 4 competitive teams, all which compete in the BUCS league as you can see in the link below:

Our teams currently compete in the following leagues and divisions:

1st Team – Premier League South (Promotion)

2nd Team – Western 3A

3rd Team – Western 4B (Promotion) 

4th Team – Western 6B

Teams that we regularly compete against include Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Southampton, Winchester and many more.

Training this year will be on a Monday evening at 8.30pm-10.30pm for the 1st and 2nd team and Tuesday evening at 8.30pm-10.30pm for the 3rd and 4th team.

We have fixtures on Wednesdays and these can either be played at home, in the Centre for Sport, or away at our competitor’s chosen venue.

MOVE:  If you are an Active Card or MOVE member they do not need to purchase the £25 Netball MOVE membership as it is included.


This is an annual competition where all sports compete against a University of Bristol team for the varsity champion title.

TeamUWE come together to support each other in various sporting events and matches, however, Varsity Netball is obviously the best!!

UWE Netball compete against The University of Bristol's 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams; our biggest and most fun event of the year, with 2020 displaying very close competition amongst all teams, but the most impressive result being the UWE 1st team who smashed their varsity game, and won for the FIFTH year in a row!!


In the last term we get the chance to take Netball on tour! The opportunity arises to spend 4 incredible days playing netball against many teams we wouldn’t normally get the chance to compete against in England. SHOCK.. we also have many themed and game based nights out which always provide a laugh and entertainment!!

April 2015 got to see the delightful Saloufest, with April 2016 going to Croatia! Tour is under discussion for 2020/2021.. so watch this space! 


Club socials are on Wednesday nights after BUCS fixtures and are not to be missed!

This year we are concentrating massively on socialising all 4 club teams together as well as joining with the newly incorporated Social Netball (Move program) to ensure we ALL have the biggest and best nights out!

Pam Pams is our chosen venue for sports nights and it never ever fails to deliver! Themed and fancy dress nights are a monthly occurence with initiations being a great laugh and a brilliant way of welcoming the netball newbies to our club.


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UWE netball has joined up with LSC for our 2019/2020 season. It is a conveniently nearby facility to UWE, located just outside Chesick Village towards Filton Avenue! 

LSC is a non-profit organisation, with every penny invested back into the centre to allow for development of staff, coaches, childrens teams and professional teams. The venue has both artificial and grass pitches used for all kinds of sports and activities, but also a clubhouse with a lot to offer. 

The centre is partnered with organisations such as Bristol Combination Clubs, Bristol Bears and Bristol Rovers to further their development as a venue and hopefully soon start expanding the centre with the development of an indoor sports hall! Very exciting!!

Whether you’re looking for a formal dinner, fixture venue, a casual knock about with some friends or a fun night you wont forget, you’re sure to find exactly what you need using the link below:

COMMITTEE 2020/2021

President – Holly Fall


Vice-President – Morganne Dunn


Treasurer – Halle Meddick

Equipment and Safety Officer – Emily Conning 

Sustainability officer - Meg Hart 

Social Sec/Participation and Equality Officers – Maia Adams

Media and Publicity Officer – Lauren Miller

Tour and COVID officer - Erin Hanratty

Please email us for any information you need and any questions you have!