Welcome to UWE Women's Rugby!! 

We are a warm, friendly group of girls who welcome ALL new players! Whether a seasoned player or never picked up a ball before....we all started somewhere!

Rugby is a great way to get involved more in uni, make a whole range of new friends and perfect for that extra bit of fitness as well. Off the pitch we have weekly socials ending up at Pams, but meet up and socialise together outside of that too, even if its just hitting the library!

We arent just a team, we are a family....you are guaranteed to make friends for life!

So pop and see us at the Freshers Fair on the 21st September in the ECC 

Our Committee

President - Charlotte Lockyer                         Vice President - Nina Flory

Captain - Ellie O'Sullivan                                Vice Captain - Fern Read

Social Sec - Paige Allen                                 Treasurer - Emmie Fairhurst

Health & Safety - Laura Farrow                      Media - Liberty Rose

Events & Fundraising - Cerys Watcyns            Development Officer - Danielle Hand 

Our Training Times

Monday: 1800-2000 at Dings RFC New Ground. Meet on Frenchay Campus at CFS (Centre for Sport) at 5.15pm.

Wednesday: 1330-1530 at Lockleaze (Unless fixture occurs). Meet on Frenchay Campus at 2+ Carpark at 1pm.

Friday: 0715-0830 at Frenchay Campus CFS (indoor).


We play competitively in the BUCS league on Wednesday afternoons once the season starts, and our development squad play against local universities in the Trics League! 

1st half of the season fixtures;

Wednesday 31st Oct - Bournemouth Uni 1st (HOME)

Wednesday 14th November- Aberystwyth 1st (AWAY)

Wednesday 28th November- Plymouth (AWAY)

Wednesday 05th December - UOB 2nds (HOME)

Wednesday 12th December- MARJONS 1st (AWAY)

Wednesday 23rd January- Bournemouth Uni 1st (AWAY)

Keep the dates in your diaries!


One thing we can pride ourselves on, if not for our rugby skills, is for our ability to throw a great social. From superheroes to the whole cast of the nativity we know how to have a laugh while looking like muppets. 

Our Rugby Socials occur every other Wednesday night and usually require fancy dress. The crazier the better!!

Being part of this sports team also means you can represent you university at the UWE Sports Ball and Awards.

Bournemouth 7s - At the end of the rugby season we all pack up our alcohol and head down to Bournemouth for an incredible weekend or music, camping and playing a bit of rugby sevens if we're not too hungover. It's an incredible weekend that you don't want to miss out on!

Contacts Us

Don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more:

Email at: uwe-womensrugby@live.co.uk

Like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UWE-Womens-Rugby-175784682552304/?fref=ts

Join our 2018 - 2019 Rugby Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/202518090512226/ 

Follow us on twitter on @UWEWR and Instagram page @uwe_womens_rugby