Socials are a huge aspect of our club. We have a fantastic lineup of socials throughout the year. Below are some highlights of what to expect of the social calendar throughout the year. 



Drop your textbooks and pick up your lederhosen, it's Oktoberfest baby!

One thing we skiers know and love is a cold bev at the end of a long day riding... well what better way to unite this shared interest than at an event which literally revolves around beer! 

This is definitely one not to miss, so make sure to get your tickets (and outfits) as soon as the event is released! 




UWE on tour 1.0; Edinburugh trembles as every univeristy across the UK decends on mass to the glorious slopes of Hillend. Whether you want to race or spectate, the more the merrier for the most outragous event of the acedemic year. 

Wax your ski's, wax your legs, its time to party all weekend long!

Expect; fancy dress, fireworks, buckfast, naughty nightime events and snowriders sending it left, right and centrel!!! 

Don't forget your passports!



An event brought to you by AfterJam (if you don't know them...get to know)!! As a spectator only event, it gives all our fabulous competitiors the chance to blow off some steam (in other words, no one will be holding back).

What to expect;

Bars up the hill, bars down the hill, bars here there and everywhere.

Big old BBQ and cheap drinks deals all day long.

Apres style afterparty so good you will feel like your in the french alps.

Competitions running all day.

Prize giveaways!

Lots and lots of lovely merch!

More information will be released closer to the time of this event!



Gloucester Sessions

The infamous Mount G, home to cheap drinks deals and debauchery. Training will be held here every other wednesday, with apres to follow. 

Our first session will be our 'Give it a go' event and this will be aimed at both new and old members. This is on the 25th of September and we look forward to meeting you all then!



Sports Ball & Awards

Boots turn into heels, hoodies transform into dinner jackets, poles turn into red wine, race courses turn into red carpets! Glad rags are worn, game faces are on, this is an evening one does not easily forget! Welcome to a place where your competitive edge will be truly exposed, as the loudest cheer wins and the table with the most prizes reigns victorious.

Luckily if you are reading this, you will be sitting with us on the best table in the house, we look forward to seeing you there!



KINGS, Varsity, Dome Series

We welcome spectators to all events. The louder the cheers the faster we go, the higher we fly. UWOT... UWE.