"If you never bounce, you'll never learn to fly! UWE Trampoline gives you wings. Join the fun!"


UWE Trampoline is a mixed club and is a fun, energetic way to keep active with members of all abilities. Whether you are a complete beginner, a long time competitor or somewhere in between, this is the club for you!

People often ask us if you have to already be good in order to join- this couldn’t be further from the truth. Novices are not only welcome they are desired; there is nothing we enjoy more than showing someone firsthand how much fun a trampoline can be!

The basics are also a lot easier to pick up than people expect; we have members who have gone from never being on a trampoline before to winning medals! We also welcome people who do not want to compete, and would rather join the fun for recreation.


We have 3 regular training sessions per week on Frenchay campus, at the Centre for Sport, coached by a combination of certified students and a professional high performance coach. They will teach you the basics and help you progress as far as you want to go. If you already know the basics they can help you learn new moves and progress even further! There's no limit! (Ok, maybe a quintuple somersault is out of the question, but a barani or two isn't!)
Monday: 15:30-18:30
Thursday: 13:30-14:30 
(This is a Joint, dedicated conditioning session combined with Cheerleading and Gymnastics)
Sunday: 14:30-17:00
(currently a conditioning session due to lack of coaching staff)


We participate in a number of competitions throughout the year in which anyone and everyone can compete. We travel all over the country for competitions, competing in the SUTL League as well as other indiviual competitions, and a main focus on BUCS weekend, in which Universities from all around the country attend.

 Trampoline competitions have 7 difficulty categories, so whether you are an Elite, or an absolute Novice you only compete against

people with similar abilities doing moves within your skill set.


Do we compete? Yes!

Do we win medals? Definitely!

Do we know how to have fun? Did someone say Tequila?! 


Trampoline is a very social sport. We hold club socials in Bristol on a regular basis and most competitions we attend have a social night attached to it for all the competitors to enjoy together. We regularly meet for team sober socials, so we cater for all types of students. Make sure you come along to get to know the team!

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You can also check out our Youtube Video to see what we got up to last year!


Or you can email a committee member:

President - Dylan Jannetta- dylanjannetta@hotmail.co.uk

Vice President - Mark Poole - markjamespoole0@gmail.com

Treasurer - Amara Preece - amarapreece@gmail.com

Participation & Equality Officer - James Jones - jameslesliejones@live.co.uk  

Media & Publicity Officer - Laura Perry - laura.perry97@gmail.com