People often ask us if you have to already be good in order to join- this couldn't be further from the truth. The basics are also a lot easier to pick up than people expect; we have members who have gone from never being on a trampoline to somersaulting by the end of the year!


Due to Covid-19, We have not had our training times confirmed just yet. Watch this space!! We are aiming to return to training as soon as possible and we cant wait to see you all! 

We have 2 regular training sessions per week on Frenchay Campus, at the Centre for Sport during term 1, plus an additional third session during term 2 for those with a BUCS membership. These are coached by a combination of certified students and a professional high performance coach, they will teach you the basics and help you progress as far as you want to go.



We participate in a number of competitions throughout the year in which anyone and everyone can compete. We travel all over the country for competitions, competing in the SUTL League as well as other individual competitions, and a main focus on BUCS weekend, in which universities from all around the country attend.

Trampoline competitions have 7 difficulty categories, so whether you are an Elite, or an absolute Novice, you only compete against people with similar abilities! 

Do we compete? Yes!

Do we win medals? Definitely!


Trampoline is a very social sport. We hold club socials in Bristol on a regular basis and most competitions we attend have a social night attached to it for all the competitiors to enjoy together. We regularly meet for team sober socials, so we cater for all types of students. Make sure you come along to get to know the team!


We offer two types of memberships, recreational and a BUCS membership. You may compete with BOTH memberships in the regional competitions if you choose to at a fee of £15 per competition including transport. However if you wish to compete at the national BUCS competition at the end of the year, and represent the university, you will need to have the BUCS membership. This membership will cover the cost of the weekend competition (may be a small excess) and an additional training session in the second semester. You may also upgrade your recreational membership to a BUCS one later in the year, should you change your mind.


Our Committee

We are a very approachable bunch so if you need anything at all or have questions please feel free to message us via the links below or search us in your UWE email.


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