Ultimate Frisbee



UWE Ultimate Frisbee

Training sessions: 

Wednesday: 8:30pm - 10:30pm Centre for Sport (indoor)

Saturday: 12pm - 2pm Lockleaze Football pitch (outdoor)

Sunday: 5pm - 6.30pm Centre for Sport (indoor)

Sunday: 8pm - 10pm Lockleaze 3G Pitch (outdoor)

Breifly about us:

We are UWE Ultimate, a fast growing club that is expanding expedentionally! We play for fun and competitively. Open for anyone to join at any level or gender. The main part of Ultimate is spirit (Spirit of the game), this means that it will always be fun and friendly. The sport is entirely self refereed and can be played indoors, outdoors or on the beach. We have close links with local clubs and aim to play them throughout the year. 


To play with us recretionally it costs £25 for the year. Tournaments are paid for individually and are roughly £10-£15 per weekend + transport.

To play BUCS with us it costs £55 for the year. This covers recreational membership, BUCS entry fees and kit on the day.

  Includes Cost


  • All trainings throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor sessions.
  • Welcome to all non-BUCS tournaments (which are most of them).
*BUCS without kit
  • BUCS Membership
  • Indoor and outdoor regionals
  • Outdoor league and cup matches. 
*BUCS with kit
  • Everything in prior memberships PLUS your own
  • BUCS Kit


*BUCS = British Universities and College Sport, this is where we have a chance to play other universities. Click the link below to see our upcoming outdoor season.



We try and get out as much as possible, doing a variety of events and outings so something will suit you. Fancy dress, eating or just general drinking its all in the year somewhere. We have amazing christmas events too with awards, so prepare yourself for it.  Plus a yearly trip abroad to play on the beaches!



We play regular tournaments, starting with a few beginners ones (accompanied by an experianced team too) then many more throughout the year including fun ones, indoors / outdoors, regionals, national finals, BUCS and the odd beach one! And of course VARSITY! The club goes on tour abroad in the easter break, something to not miss out on.



Our 2018/19 committee are:

  • Lewis Cope - President
  • Ashley Richards - Vice President
  • Joseph Friend - Mens Captain
  • Nicola Chiverrs - Womens Captain
  • Jake Hookins - Mens Vice Captain
  • Josie Allen - Womens Vice Captain
  • Chris Deegan - Treasurer
  • Josie Allen and Leon Gorman - Social, Events and Fundraising
  • David Willing - Kit, Health and Safety
  • Alex Price - Media and Publicity
  • Dan Moss - Spirit Captain

Twitter: uwe_ultimate

Instagram: uweultimate

Snapchat: uweultimate

Email: uweultimate@hotmail.com

Facebook: UWE Ultimate Frisbee (our main hub for info)