UWE Windsurf & Kite

About Us

We're a casual beginner focused club, set on introducing you to the spectacular world of beach life. Joining means you become part of a vibrant organised club with an awesome social scene.

Inclusive to membership is use of equipment, wetsuits and tuition for beginners to advanced wind riders. Socials are arranged every Tuesday with training trips taking place on weekends.

Around once a month we go on budget focused tours with other universities. Windriders are a hugely friendly bunch, crashing in fellow student living rooms across the country, expect to make friends far afield. There are core and wave events as part of the SWA (Student Windsurf Association), and split into 3 ability levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced, so everyone can have fun and compete!

Our first tour is to Cornwall to the epic Windsurf festival 'Aussie Kiss', the biggest windsurf event in the UK and it’s all about... a) beginners, b) the Saturday night fancy dress party!!