About Us

We're a casual beginner focused club, set on introducing you to the spectacular world of beach life. Joining means you become part of a vibrant, organised club with an awesome social scene.

Inclusive to membership is use of equipment, wetsuits and tuition for beginners to advanced windsurfers.  We have instructors of all levels, with vast experience, to help you learn and improve on the basics, then help you progress into planing (going really fast!), and then windsurfing on the sea - where the real fun starts! 

At least once a week we go to Bowmoor Lake, where our training sessions take place.  Usually, on a Wednesday or at the weekend, dependant on interest; even both, or more, if enough people are keen and we have the transport.  Once you become more experienced, you can join us on trips to the seaside.  A few of us regularly go on trips to Weston-Super-Mare and Porthcawl.

Socials are arranged every Tuesday.  These can include anything from BBQ's, bonfires, and a curry night, to pub socials and big nights out in Bristol centre.

We take part in the SWA (Student Windsurf Association) core and wave events, which are held around once a month. These are budget focused tours hosted by other university windsurf clubs from other universities. Core events are split into 3 ability levels for racing - beginner, intermediate and advanced, so everyone can have fun and compete! Core events also consist of freestyle and team racing events for more experienced windsurfers, while wave events are more aimed at those capable of waterstarting.

Our first weekend away is to Wales for the epic Windsurf festival 'Aussie Kiss', the biggest windsurf event in the UK! It is not to be missed!!



Whether you have a question about how to join this amazing club, want to know what events we have coming up, or just fancy a chat to some awesome people, drop us a line, we're always happy to help!