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WORKSHOP one: sustainability

Don’t be a Data H8a - 3X110 Harry Ellison and Katy Hall, Action Against Hunger

Data doesn’t have to be boring – and it could be your biggest asset! Recent legislation (including the dreaded GDPR) has arrived and it affects all RAGs, charities and SUs alike. But these changes are an opportunity for a clean slate and a great way to improve student fundraising communications for the future - we’re here to help you to understand what it’s all about and how to find the silver lining of the data cloud!

In this hands-on session, we will cover:

  • Know your data: we’ve unpicked the boring stuff so you don’t have to – come along to get an understanding of all the jargon and what it means for your RAG from a practical point of view
  • What is GDPR? Getting to grips with how any changes will affect your fundraising and volunteering activities in the year to come
  • Dos and donts: a checklist to stay out of trouble!
  • The next steps: we’ll work together to come up with creative solutions to keep using data to be successful, and how to make it as hassle-free as possible.
  • You’re not alone and this is just the start! All the places you can find more help moving forward.
Fundraising: is it challenging your ethics? - 3X109 Jessica Wood and Rachael Marshall, Dig Deep Challenges

Running fundraising activities is more than just giving your students an incredible opportunity and raising money and awareness for fantastic causes. RAGs, charities and tour operators all have a responsibility to ensure that their impact is positive not only for the charity they are raising money for, but also the members of the public they encounter, the fundraisers involved and the communities or countries that fundraising events are taking place in.

During Dig Deep’s session you will explore what it means to be ethical and develop an understanding of why ethical practice is so important in the fundraising industry. Dig Deep’s session will give you the information you need to ensure that you are running activities that will positively impact everyone involved. We will also give you our top tips and tricks so you know what to look for when choosing challenge providers and/or running events. We both come from a background of student fundraising and loads of experience in going on and running challenges (and even just general ethical travel).

You have the power to have an incredible impact but with that comes a responsibility to ensure that impact is beneficial for all involved. You will leave the session feeling confident that you and your committee will be following all the correct practice to run life changing fundraising events for all involved.

Health and Safety: avoiding red tape and lawsuits - 3X107 Immanuel Kemp, Arthur D. Little Ltd.

Health and safety legislation imposes a duty of care on voluntary organisations as well as on employers, with frightening consequences for those who fail to take safety seriously. This seminar will aim to equip you to run your events safely and in compliance with safety law.

The seminar will include:

  • An introduction to the legal framework for health and safety in the UK, and what our obligations are as organisations and individual event organisers.
  • Basic concepts and terms used in risk and safety management.
  • How to use risk assessment as a tool for keeping people safe.
  • Writing an appropriate health and safety policy.

We will look at examples based on real RAG events and will be aiming to strike the appropriate balance between protecting people or meeting external requirements, and avoiding "health and safety gone mad"

becoming an obstacle to our fundraising.

Whether you aren't addressing safety enough to be legal, or whether you are feeling overburdened by safety requirements, this session will help you to find the right level at which to operate.

Supporting yourself and your RAG - 2X112 Grace Anderson and Dominic Smithies, Student Minds - the UK's student mental health charity

Student Minds is the UK's student mental health charity. We can probably all think about things that have been difficult in our time at university, or perhaps you’ve been worried about how your friend is managing their mental health.We empower students and members of the university community with the knowledge confidence and skills to look after their own mental health, support others and create positive change.

Our session will focus on how to support yourself and your RAG committee and volunteers. We know that getting involved with your RAG can be an amazing experience, but it can also be hard to balance your RAG responsibilities alongside your studies, social life and looking after yourself. Student Minds are here to help you put things in place to look after your wellbeing, become aware of your energy levels and confidence to support your friends and spot if a fellow volunteer is struggling. Together we can put the FUN into fundraising and ensure you are supporting each other to run a successful RAG.

Tackling the holiday objection - 2X242 Rachel Finch, East African Playgrounds With scepticism surrounding international volunteering and fundraising challenges rising, this session attempts to break down the issues of challenge fundraising and equip your team to tackle them. We will talk through issues in recruitment and fundraising, from tackling objections about “voluntourism” to “fundraising for a holiday”, before speaking about what you and your team can do to ensure your participants have the most positive impact they possibly can in their time overseas – from ensuring they think through the consequences of their actions to the framing of their posts on social media.


workshop two: celebration

Small but mighty! - 2X242 Andy King, East African Playgrounds

From full-time staff support and a twenty-person committee to a three-man band of fundraisers doing their absolute best, every student fundraising group operates in a different context with a different history – and they all started from somewhere.

This session, designed for small and medium RAGs, seeks to examine the keys to success in growing your group whilst celebrating the achievements you’ve already made. Focussing on the growth of particular RAGs/RaGs/Rags over the last few years, and what success looked like at each stage, you’ll come away from the session with realistic goals for the next few months and a plan to celebrate the successes as they come.

Raising more money through effective Storytelling - 3X109 Sarah Robson, Lucy Graham and Emily Timmins, The Children's Society

Join The Children's Society at an interactive workshop to improve the impact you make while recruiting, fundraising and speaking about your charity. Storytelling is a key skill of any fundraiser and we will be sharing tips and techniques to best utilise this skill.

We will use several storytelling methods to show how they can be used at every stage of your RaG fundraising journey; to recruit volunteers and participants, talk about your charity, tell stories online and in person, and talk about the impact your RaG has made.

We'll get you clued up on effective storytelling, what makes a good story, telling the right story at the right time, and the 'magic formula'. All of these will link to the importance of being a better storyteller relevant to your RaG committee roles.

Running a Successful Campaign - 3X110 Ronnie O’Grady and Ariane Forsythe, The Movember Foundation

This session is designed to give you an insight into how The Movember Foundation has leveraged the power of the moustache to grow from its humble beginnings in a Melbourne pub to the largest global men’s health charity. 

We’ll take a look back at Movember’s journey and how we arrived at the point we’re at today. We’ll discuss the key elements which define who we are including brand perception, fundraising mechanics, audience, promotion, marketing and our three cause areas; prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. The ingredients for our success will give you a flavor of the type of tactics necessary to lead a successful campaign yourself.

We believe it’s equally important to learn from our mistakes, so we’ll also examine some of the challenges Movember faced and how we overcame them.

From this session, you will get an overview of how we have run successful campaigns since 2003 and some valuable insight into how you can replicate that as a student or RAG member in your own fundraising.

The Fourth Collaborator - 3X107 Lucy Dalglish, Molly Downes, Sam Jackson, Naomi Lucking and Felix Bailey, Choose a Challenge This workshop looks at the ways in which student fundraisers do amazing work, from their impact on charity partners to the life-changing personal development. Attendees will be encouraged to actively think about their individual journey and long-term benefits.
You're the tits! - How to ensure your volunteers feel appreciated - 2X112 Phoebe Lazell, CoppaFeel!

In this session we will take you through how our supporters feel appreciated and how we strive to celebrate them as much as possible.

At CoppaFeel! we are successful in celebrating students and in this workshop we will give a variety of examples of how we achieve this. The workshop should be useful for students in how to run a really great campaign and use inexpensive means to keep volunteers engaged and appreciated. It will also be relevant to charity delegates who want to learn more about CoppaFeel!'s approach to our supporters. As well as providing lots of creative ideas both big and small to celebrate your students we will also give examples of where this can be improved or has been a big success for us.  We will take you through our supporter journey and give you our top tips for celebrating students from written appreciations and social media shout outs to our big, glittery thank you party.


workshop three: impact

Getting the most out of your challenge team - 2X242 Lauren Feast, Meningitis Research Foundation

Recruiting an awesome team for your challenges is great but that’s where the hard work really starts. Supporting your challenge teams with their fundraising is vital to ensuring that as many people go on the trip and reach their targets as possible! Join MRF to find out what they do to get the most out their challenge teams to create the big impact on both the challenge programme and the Rag total!

This session will include:

  • How a challenge leader can be prepared for anything
  • How to share challenge leader knowledge and experience
  • How and what fundraising opportunities to provide from challenge leaders
  • How to keep the team engaged
  • Opportunities to fundraise that Rag could supply
  • How to catch up with those elusive fundraisers
Give and Get Consent: Promoting Hard-Hitting Issues Within Your Union - 3X110 Duncan Stanway and Matthew Charlton, Barnardo's

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is one of the biggest child protection issues of our time, and Barnardo's are leading the fight against it.

Due to sustained efforts, Barnardo's and other charities have forced the issue of CSE into the open, resulting in better public understanding whilst creating a bigger demand for support.

This session explores the concept of consent and provides suggestions for how your RAG can speak about or run a campaign for hard-hitting issues within your Union.

Life After RAG - 3X107 

Rebecca Woolley and Emily Lancaster, The Care Workers Charity & Reading RAG

It's hard to imagine a life after university and RAG but sadly adult life is just around the corner.

Rebecca and Emily were both involved in Reading RAG throughout their time at university, and used their experiences being on RAG committee to get two very different jobs, one working for a small charity while the other works for a multinational cooperation.

They’ll be discussing the different options available, how they decided between profit and not for profit, working for small and large organisations and how to use your RAG experience to get the job you want. They will share their experiences of being recent graduates and using RAG as a network.

Raiding: logistics and technique - 3X109 Rachael Lynch and Immanuel Kemp, The National Autistic Society and Arthur D. Little

Raiding (bucket collections) is a fun way to raise large amounts of money.  This session will be led by two highly experienced collectors with hundreds of hours under their belts, and will cover the basics of how to collect, as well as a range of tips and tricks on how to raid more effectively and develop your own individual style. It will also cover recruitment for raids and volunteer retention too!

We will also highlight the logistics and legalities of organising collections from scratch, including choosing locations, booking permits, volunteer recruitment, cash handling and volunteer welfare. We will also explore some possibilities for taking raiding to the next level, with larger collections, more lucrative venues, collecting tours and collaborative raids with other RAGs!

This session is intended to be relevant and useful to fundraisers at any level of experience in raiding, from absolute beginners to regular raiders looking for some new ideas!


workshop four:  accessibility

Branding & Re-branding: so much more than a logo - 3X110 Katy Hall and Harry Ellison, Action Against Hunger

In 2018, it’s harder than ever to get noticed, so branding for your RAG has never been so important. From best use of your logo to a full-scale re-brand, join Action Against Hunger for an interactive session on standing out! We will cover: 

  • What is a brand?: so much more than a logo! A brand is the currency by which you can influence others, raise money and engage people. It’s the entire framework from which an organisation can communicate its values to the world. We’ll take a look at what makes this work.
  • Updating your brand: for your RAG, you may feel that it’s time for a change! Whether you are going for an update or full scale re-brand, we’ll work through the principles to get you right on track.
  • Making your brand strong: actual implementation is just as important as developing the concept and colours; a brand is nothing if it isn’t adhered to internally and recognised externally. Here’s some top tips for making the most of what you’ve got, whether you’re implementing a new look or hoping to strengthen your current brand.
  • Branding for events: sub-brands can be a great way to make certain events stand out or to create a specific identity within your brand. Even if your RAG already has a strong, recognisable feel, this is a chance to put new skills to the test, get creative and apply good branding & marketing knowledge to boost your fundraising activities and events.
How to make short term volunteering work within a long term programme - 3X107 Lizzie George and Lauryn Gardener, Challenges Abroad and The FutureSense Foundation

The question of “can you really make a difference” is commonly asked of short-term volunteers. Critics paint volunteers as looking for an experience that is more about making themselves feel good, than about actually doing good.

The aim of this session will be to tackle the 'voluntourism' label head-on. The workshop will open up a discussion of what can be deemed the 'best' and 'bad' practices of short term volunteering, looking to see whether a general consensus can be agreed.

We believe that pushing each other to reassess what we think of as the 'right' relationship between short-term volunteers and long-term projects will take us closer to combatting ‘voluntourism’, and allowing volunteers to find projects that are sustainable. Here at Challenges Abroad, we have found that emphasis should always be placed on the long-term plans and goals of the project.

Those that attend the workshop will be taken on a journey that highlights recent concerns based around orphanages, elephant sanctuaries and community projects, as part of a discussion on how short-term volunteering can be reinvented to establish itself as beneficial to long-term projects.

This workshop will look at how potential volunteers can find the right projects and what questions they should ask of them. More specifically, what do volunteers want to get out of the experience? Why are they volunteering? We aim to refocus volunteers and make them more aware of their position and responsibility as a global citizen – which acts as a strong starting point to answering these questions.

The Big Challenge - 2X112 Sian Wilkinson and Sami Colenutt, Breast Cancer Now Sian (Senior Challenge Events and Student Engagement Manager) and Sami (Events and community Marketing Manager) bring you a session on 'The Big Challenge' as we look as how you embed a team identity across a Challenge Events, Community and Student Engagement Programme. We'll be looking at how to create a sense of identity and community throughout a diverse programme and how both your stewardship and marketing can support this. We’ll be exploring the Breast Cancer Now team identity work, change in both stewardship and marketing approaches as well all of our key learnings from the last 18 months.
The Global Goals: How RAGs can engage with the Sustainable Development Goals to broaden students’ understanding of sustainability and the impact of fundraising - 3X109 Rachel Colley, The Students’ Union at UWE

This session will introduce the UN’s ‘Global Goals’ and provide participants with the opportunity to explore how their RAG/SU might meaningfully engage with them as a campaigning tool and impact reporting mechanism.

We’ll look at case studies of Universities and Students’ Unions who have used the Goals to showcase the impact of their fundraising and map their activities around sustainability.

To achieve the aim of NUS 100 – to create a more just and sustainable future for all – we must equip our students with the knowledge, skills, attributes, and values to make a difference through their future personal and professional lives. This session will work with SUs to use the ‘Global Goals’ as an entry point for thinking about why sustainability matters to your students, and what your RAG can do about this

Use your magic powers – and help your volunteers use theirs! - 2X242 Vicky Wallace, Hope for Children

The most important asset to any organisation is its people. This is particularly true for RAGs, whose successes are almost exclusively down to the achievements of their volunteers.

We have all achieved success at some point in our lives. We’ve likely all experienced failure too. So the question isn’t whether or not we can achieve a goal, rather how consistently we do so.

So how do we achieve success more consistently? And how do we empower others to do the same? How do we retain volunteers? What do polo mints and pieces of string teach us about the mind?

In this session we’ll begin to unravel some of those answers, which are usually much simpler than you’d think! (although the polo one is unexpected)

In a session slightly less cheesy than this blurb*, I’ll invite you to consider the magic of the human mind – both yours and your volunteers’ – and to continue learning to harness this magic as you grow into the successful leader you’ve always been!

(*admittedly only SLIGHTLY less cheesy)



A Match Made in Heaven: Building Relationships with Other Societies - 2X242 Charlie Morris, Southampton RAG

Want to grow your RAG into a campus wide name? Fed up of the age

old phrase ‘just gets sports teams involved, they love competition’? Struggling to get societies to come back for more once an event is over? We’ll discuss the ways to build and maintain relationships with other groups across your University  to maximise your fundraising. Engagement is vital for successful events and this starts with the first communication a society has with you. Tailoring the support your RAG gives to sports societies, halls committees and performing arts groups will boost totals and secure partnerships for years to come. We’ll talk about the importance of maximising involvement from other societies in fundraising, and the ways to personal each relationship, from asking  groups to get involved in your annual events, to participating in sponsored events and even supporting them in running their own. We’ll discuss the best ways to create a successful partnership, and the needs each group may have for the range of events your RAG has on offer.

How to recruit for challenges - 2X112 Jenny Robinson and Elizabeth Buhl, Meningitis Research Foundation & Warwick Rag

Challenges can make an amazing amount for your charities and total but recruiting people can be difficult. Join us to find out how together we fill our info meetings and how we convert those attendees into sign-ups for the challenge

This session will cover:

  • How to create the most effective recruitment timeline to suit your challenge and Rag
  • The importance of team leaders
  • Standing out at fairs
  • The best methods of physical promoting
  • The best methods of promoting online
  • Hosting the perfect info meeting
  • How to convert info meeting attendees to participants
How to run a successful hitch Ben Collins, Student Jailbreak

Worried about running your first Lost? Looking to improve your Jailbreak? Want to add a new Hitch? This session will outline what it takes to make your hitch event awesome - from recruitment to risk management, and tracking to types of event. The workshop will also offer a Question and Answer segment, giving you the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have.

Large Scale Events? You got this. - 3X110 Vinay Tailor, King’s RAG

Ever wondered what your lecture theatres and classrooms are used for outside of teaching and fancy functions? Always wanted to collaborate numerous other societies in a single event?

Planning a large-scale event can be daunting, especially for the first time. Come along and hear about the struggles and achievements King’s RAG have had with over 5 years of large scale events. From dating shows to ballroom dancing, whatever your ideas are for your own RAG there is something that you can take home with you.

No matter what position you are on committee this talk will aim to encompass what we have had to do as a committee and individually to pull off our shows.
Ticking All The Right Boxes" - sourcing sponsorship deals that work & last! - 3X109 David Charles, Alumnus of Bristol RAG, Carnival RAG & NaSFA Committee

When we as student fundraising groups think sponsorship, we’re usually talking about participants raising money for charities through the amazing events that we run; from Jailbreaks to Colour Runs everything in between! An area which is often underutilised by RAGs and student fundraising groups is the idea of ‘corporate sponsorship’ or sponsorship of our events. Utilising ‘corporate’ sponsorship can allow student fundraising groups to put on better events, make tickets cheaper for participants (increasing attendance) and ultimately raise more money for charitable causes and spread our brand across campus(es)!

This session will begin by highlighting some examples of corporate sponsorship using RAG & non-RAG examples. We'll then look at how corporate sponsorship can help your RAG reach new highs, improving your events and allowing events to raise more. Finally, and most importantly, we'll then go through different methods to actually secure corporate sponsorship, make your RAG stand out from the noise and maintain the relationship to get repeat funding!

This is the third year that Dave has been asked along to give a session on securing & maintaining corporate sponsorship. This year’s session will also reflect new tips and advice that Dave learnt from organising an international conference for 320 veterinary students that secured over £10,000 in sponsorship, plus incorporate feedback from RAGS who have used his methods both successfully and unsuccessfully following talks at RAG Conference 2016 and RAG Conference 2017.

And as always the Sponsorship quiz (+ prizes) will return!