We are a 30,000 strong Students' Union covering 4 campuses.

Financial Reports

Annual Financial Reports

The annual financial reports of The Students' Union at UWE. Click on the heading for the full report and accounts.

SU Accounts 2015/16 & Subsidiary Accounts 2015/16

The Union has made a surplus this year of £124,934, against a budgeted deficit of £34,300. This surplus includes a reduction of £20,284 in reserves held by the clubs, societies and networks which now stand at £65,912.
There were a number of significant unbudgeted one off items in the year which are reflected in these figures: 
Additional Grant re capital spend on new building £189,000 
Additional Capital Grant re Glenside £15,000 
Additional expenditure on restructuring £144,559 
Additional expenditure on branding £34,832 

SU Accounts 2013/14 & Subsidiary Accounts 2013/14

The Union made a surplus of £57,830 in the year and the turnover increased slightly to £5.23m. This year the clubs, societies and networks spent £19,877 of their reserves from past years, but still have £86,196 to use over the next year or so. Overall the Union has improved both its cash holding and its reserves, both of which will be utilised when we invest in the new building in the summer of 2015.

SU Accounts 2012/13 & Subsidiary Accounts 2012/13

The Union has made a surplus of £135,960 this year, turnover was the same at £5.18m. The surplus is made up of three elements, the main union activities (£43,191), the Nursery (£19,515) and clubs, societies & networks (£73,254). The clubs, societies and networks are being encouraged to use that money over the next year or two to benefit their members. Overall the Union has a strong balance sheet and sufficient cash reserves to meet the challenges presented by moving to a new building in the next year or so. 

SU Accounts 2011/12 Subsidiary Accounts 2011/12

The Union has made a significant surplus this year of £134,585 on a slightly increased turnover of £5.16m. The Union has a strong balance sheet and cash balances to withstanding the expected funding cuts over the next two years. The format of the accounts has changed as the union is now a registered charity and also now has a trading subsidiary.

Accounts 2010/11

The Union succeeded in making a small surplus of £23,527 on a reduced turnover of £5.1m. The Union has a reasonably strong balance sheet and cash balances to withstand the continuing trading and funding challenges.

Accounts 2009-10

The Union has made a small deficit of £12,115 on a turnover of £5.22 million. The Union has sufficient reserves to absorb the loss without affecting the services to students.

Accounts 2008-09
The Union made a small deficit of £23,436 which was slightly more than the budgeted deficit set at the start of the year of £14,300.

Accounts 2007-08
The increase in the block grant funding from the University was 3% and the trading areas contribution saw an increase of 41%.

Accounts 2006-07
The Union has had a very interesting financial year due to the opening of the new student village at the Frenchay campus

Accounts 2005-06
The Union has not had such a successful year in financial terms, posting a small loss of £22,558 after eight years of making surpluses.

Accounts 2004-05
Overall in the year ended the 31st July 2005 the Union's turnover has increased by 3.0% to £3.5 million and the Union made a surplus in this year of £57,626.

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