We are a 30,000 strong Students' Union covering 4 campuses.

Support The Students' Union

How You Can Help Fund the Work We Do

1) Use your SU run Shops & Bars

Bars and shops run by The Students' Union at UWE directly help fund all the extra support services and activities that we provide students. The SU does not run all the bars and shops on campus, unfortunately. Only SU run services directly help fund the non-commerical services that we provide. The following are SU run outlets, become a loyal customer of these services and you will help The Students' Union at UWE become an even better Union.
Frenchay Campus
  • SU Shops, the main on campus shops - 1F (next to Blackwells) and in Union 1 (U Block) 
  • Full of Beans Coffee Cart (in the Hub/Undercroft)
  • The Students' Union Bar (Union 2, U Block)
  • SU Bar and Shop in the Glenside Student Centre
Bower Ashton
  • SU Shop and Bar

Outlets such as Core 24, One Zone, Traders, Phaz, The Village Store are NOT run by your Students' Union. So remember to recycle your cash in your own services by choosing The Students' Union run services everytime. 

2) Shop on Amazon

If you are an Amazon shopper you can help raise money for UWE students.

Just use this link: www.amazon.co.uk

The Students' Union at UWE will receive 5% to 10% commission on your purchases and the money raised will go back into to help fund all the sports, activities, representation and services that the The Students' Union provides for the students of UWE. This doesn't affect the price you pay, it just means some of Amazon's profits go to The Students' Union. 

3) Make a Donation

The Students' Union at UWE is now a registered charity (Charity number 1143067), if you'd like to make a donation to support the work that we do please contact us at thestudentsunion@uwe.ac.uk