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Hub Voice Complaints

The Editor of Hub Voice needs to know what readers think so all views and feedback are valued and encouraged.

Stage 1

If you think Hub Magazine has made a mistake, done something wrong or something to upset you then please simply fill in this form below.

We're confident that the majority of complaints will be resolved informally between the Editor and yourself / the complainant.

Stage 2

If you are not satisfied with the response of the Editor at Stage 1, just let the Editor know that you are not happy and would like the complaint to go to Stage 2. The Editor will then automatically refer your complaint to the Editorial Board who oversee Hub Voice.

The Board is made up of the CEO of the Students’ Union, Vice-President Societies & Communications, a UWE expert in Journalism or Media Law, and an independently elected student. They will consider your complaint and the Editor's response and decide what the outcome should be. You will be asked to provide any additional information that you think may affect the Board's decision at this stage, and you may be asked to attend a meeting with the Board so you can explain further.

Please download a copy of the complaints procedure so you can understand the process that should be followed with your complaint.

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About Your Complaint:
Please Include: Date of the edition or web page address to which your complaint refers and the name of the article. If your complaint relates to the behaviour of a Hub Voice journalist, please provide: Date and nature of the contact and the name of the person concerned.

Full Details of Your Complaint: 
Details of factual errors or misrepresentation or offence caused or unproffesional behaviour etc. 

What harm or damage may have been caused by Hub Voice as a result of this issue.

Desired Outcomes:
How would you like this matter resolved?

You should expect a reply within 5 working days from the Editor.

Please download a copy of the complaints procedure so you can understand the process that should be followed with your complaint.