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Sustainability Survey

2021 - 2022 survey results

You can read the results of the annual NUS Sustainbility Skills survey here.

2020 - 2021 survey results

You can read the results of the annual NUS Sustainbility Skills survey here.

2019 - 2020 survey results

The 2019/20 Sustainability Committee ran a survey about meat consumption, and you can read the results of this here. 

2018-2019 Survey Results

Download the full report here.

Key Findings

  • Nearly half of all students (49%) reported that they were aware of the UN SDGs, a significant increase from 36% in 2017-2018. Over a third of students (36%) reported that they are aware that UWE and the SU at UWE are working with the SDGs, an increase from 24% in 2017/2018.
  • The SDGs most relevant to students’ programme of study were gender equality (32%), infrastructure industrialisation and innovation (31%), decent work and economic growth (31%) and quality education (30%).
  • 1 in 4 students reported that they had learnt about infrastructure industrialisation and innovation (26%), decent work and economic growth (25%), reducing inequalities (25%) and gender equality (24%) during their programme of study.
  • The most frequently reported SDGs that were identified as issues important to students included climate change and impacts (68%), oceans seas and marine resources (68%), life on land (68%) and peace and justice (67%).
  • The top six SDGs for action identified by students were climate change and impacts (49%), sustainable and responsible production and consumption (46%), life on land (45%), affordable and clean energy (43%), ocean seas and marine resources (42%) and good health and wellbeing (42%).

You can view the full report here: Sustainability Survey.

Read our news article about the survey here

NUS Skills Survey results

452 UWE Bristol students completed the central NUS Skills Survey. Please see our findings below:




To see the results for 2018/19, please click here.

What you previously told us about sustainability

2017 - 2018

The Students’ Union at UWE and NUS (National Union of Students) conducted a short survey with students to find out your attitudes towards, and expectations on, social responsibility and sustainability within and outside the curriculum at UWE.

Thank you to all who took part in the survey – we have over 700 responses.

Key Findings

Completions = 729

89% of  students that took the survey either agree or strongly agree that universities should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development.

71% of students either agreed or strongly agreed that they would like to learn more about sustainable development.

58% if students agree or strongly agree that sustainable development is important for their employability.

51 % of students would be more like to engage with extra curricula activity if they had the opportunity to learn new skills.

One of the most important findings from the survey was that students have actively agreed that the university should be promoting sustainable development and they would like to learn about it whilst at university. We are going to use these strong statistics when applying for funding to continue the Green Team programme which supports student led sustainability activity. 

The survey showed that students were most likely to engage with extra curricula activity is the activity provided them with the opportunity to learn more skills. This information is key and can be used to effectively alter their communication plan to engage successfully with more students. We will share our knowledge with our marketing team and other student union departments to advise the students are actively looking for events.

Please find full results here.

Read our news article about the survey here.


NUS Skills Survey Results

Thank you to the 221 students who responded to the NUS Skills Survey 2017 - 18.

Please find the UWE results here

You can view the full NUS research here


The Students’ Union, in partnership with UWE, is applying to receive the Responsible Futures Award. Responsible Futures works with institutions to embed sustainability into the curriculum of every student in education today. It can help you to:

  • Embed sustainability into the students’ learning experience
  • Prepare UWE students for the emerging low-carbon economy

Working through a bank of criteria, The Students’ Union at UWE is working in partnership to earn the NUS accreditation mark which demonstrates real action on education for sustainable development. It’s a true commitment to helping every UWE student leave their time in University as part of the solution to our sustainability challenges, rather than as part of the problem.

To see the results, click here

For more information visit: http://www.nusconnect.org.uk/strong-students-unions/sustainability/responsible-futures

Questions? Email: SUCommunity@uwe.ac.uk