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Sustainability Board Reports

What is the sustainability board?

The Sustainability Board meets 4 to 5 times a year; it takes it authority from and reports to the Directorate, Academic Board and the Board of Governors. In addition elected officers of The Student Union report on out-comes through the governance arrangements of the Union. At each meeting the Board reviews progress with the 11 themes of the Sustainability Plan, undertakes regular reviews of policies including the Environmental Policy and the Ethical Investment Policy, approves action plans arising from the Sustainability Plan, and reviews progress with the commitment to adopt the principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) across the institution.

our Aim

Our aim is that sustainability becomes embedded in everything that the university does. Our journey towards this goal is overseen by the Sustainability Board which is chaired by the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability. It is comprised of senior academic and professional staff from across the University who lead delivery elements of the Sustainability Plan or who act as critical friends to enhance performance and ambition.

A critical part of the membership is The Students’ Union at UWE who are represented on the Board by the President, the Vice President Education, and the elected Sustainability Officer supported by the Student Sustainability Engagement Coordinator, as well as the Community Manager.

Working in partnership

In pursuit of our sustainability goals, we work closely with UWE to embed sustainability within the wider student experience.

To this end, during the last two years we have worked together to develop The Green Team, a sizeable community with supporters across all departments and programmes at UWE Bristol. The Green Team initiative is supported by a specially appointed Student Sustainability Engagement Coordinator within The Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union and the University have a strong partnership and are working to provide training and resources for student projects. In exchange, The Green Team challenges UWE to push them to do better in meeting the aims and objectives of the 2020 Sustainability Plan. In 2015 the President of The Student Union made a specific challenge to the University to meet the questions posed by the Whole Earth? Exhibition on campus. On 23 May 2016 the university formally responded to the President’s challenge by documenting how the university was actively engaged in meeting the challenges posed by the Whole Earth? Exhibition. Most recently we have worked together to gain our Responsible Futures accreditation from the NUS, the first university to be accredited under the full scheme.

Past Reports








How can I get Involved?

Our position on the Board gives us a chance to give feedback about sustainability to the university. If you have anything that you'd like to be discussed at our next Board meeting, please email thegreenteam@uwe.ac.uk to make your voice heard.