Varsity 2017 - a Message from Serena Smith ( Vp Sports and health at UWE Bristol)


If you’re part of a Sports Club, ever year Varsity is one of the biggest and most exciting events of the year. It’s the build-up, the stories from past years that your club captains tell you, it’s not hard to see and soon feel it yourself, the huge rivalry between UWE and UOB and how much winning those Varsity games mean to your teammates and fellow UWE clubs.

However, if you’re not involved with a club, Varsity can just appear to be something you hear about every now and then; or just an event you might get invited to go along to. The Varsity Series is where UWE play the University of Bristol in a range of sport and activities, with each event resulting in a point for the winning university. The university with the most points will be the Varsity winner, although with over 5000 students and community engaging with series, it’s about so much more than just winning.

Whether you like sports or not, Varsity is the time of year that you can get behind your university and be proud to show you’re #TeamUWE. We want the Bristol vs UWE Varsity to be the biggest in the country in the next few years. It’s not just about competitors but about the spectators that drive the electric atmosphere at the games. It's about the mass participation events like the Colour Run where anyone, regardless of sporting ability, can get involved. The passion shown by the competitors every year is phenomenal but the support from spectators is what really helps drive them.

We’ve worked hard this year to secure Ashton Gate Stadium to ensure an amazing experience for both competitors and spectators. UWE Bristol are looking to bring the Varsity Trophy back after 2 years away, so pick up your spectator tee’s and foam fingers and get down and show your support for TeamUWE.


6 super exciting things about Varsity:

  1. For the first time ever, Varsity Rugby & Football will be hosted at the prestigious 27,000 seater Ashton Gate Stadium.
  2. We’ve added a brand new event: Friday Night Lights where you can watch both American Football & Lacrosse.
  3. For the first time ever we are doing a Varsity Colour Run around Frenchay Campus.
  4. Our Varsity Darts Night will be bigger than ever this year and has changed venue to Walkabout.
  5. This year we are offering spectator tees and UWE/UOB merchandise at the events with all profits going to RAG.
  6. Making it the biggest Varsity we’ve ever had, there are now intermural games that have been added to the schedule.

Get your tickets here: www.varsityseries.com/varsity/fixtures/


Two Universities, One City