"All students of both institutions have agreed to adhere to the Student Conduct policy and have agreed to act in the following ways both on and off campus:

  • Safely, and with regard for the safety of others
  • With civility, consideration and respect for others in the University and the local community
  • In accordance with all university policies, rules and regulations, and all applicable laws."

"As part of these expected standards of conduct, we expect all students to represent and uphold the good name of both universities at all times"

"In addition, all students from both institutions should be aware that any incident occurring at any sporting event will be investigated under the Student Conduct Policy or the Professional Suitability Policy (for students on professional programmes), and disciplinary penalties can and will be applied to those involved, in addition to reporting criminal conduct to the Police."

Signed Steve West (Vice Chancellor of UWE Bristol), Hugh Brady (Vice Chancellor of Bristol University), Jade Marsella (Vice President of Sport & Health at The Students' Union at UWE) and Ginny Toughton (Sport and Student Development Officer at Bristol University).


Two Universities, One City